Federal Cyber Security Threat Survey Report:
A Report From BeyondTrust

BeyondTrust has unveiled the results of its 2017 Federal Cyber Security Threat Survey Report.

The survey exposes an environment where outdated infrastructure is a significant cause for concern among Federal IT professionals and can lead to serious breaches.

For example, a surprising 47% of Federal agencies still use Windows XP, driving a third of respondents (35%) to report that this kind of aging infrastructure had a somewhat to large impact on their ability to affect vulnerability patching.

In this informative report learn:

  • What worries Federal IT Managers?
  • How widespread is antiquated information technology in Federal agencies?
  • What kind of risk does legacy Federal IT pose to security?
  • What are these Federal IT professionals doing to combat cyber risk?
  • How agencies can effectively address these risks while on the slow march to modernization

Download this study and learn what to do when you can’t modernize your federal agency fast enough.

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