CRM Database Management Services

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the right approach for companies that are looking into consolidating their marketing and sales operations while offering quality customer service. Markable Solutions offers an extensive range of CRM database management services that help clients leverage their CRM solution and meet their customer relationship management goals. We help companies with CRM selection, [...]


Markable Solutions helps you build, publish and manage surveys (online and offline) with professional research management to suit your strategic needs. We offer customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, feedback and employee satisfaction/engagement surveys to B2B companies. Our survey services include questionnaire writing, survey hosting on apt survey tool, database segmentation and management, survey execution, data collection [...]

Market and Competitive Intelligence

“If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” - Albert Einstein The need for Market and Competitive Intelligence has gone beyond statistics today. The true dilemma that every growing company is facing is whether or not they should be outsourcing their research work. While small companies [...]

Infographics Services

Infographics services provide a powerful statement when imparting processes or operations flow in an engaging and easily-understood visual context. Would you rather read a list of the United States, or see a map of the United States? A picture is worth a thousand words ... and always will be (unless you're reading James Joyce). Markable [...]

Content Syndication Services

Content syndication enables you to avoid the impossible: pressuring your in-house team to continually produce mounds of 100% original content. Content curation and syndication using tele-nurturing ensures that you promote engaging content on a massive scale, without overspending. According to Content Marketing Tactics Planner, top-notch content marketers are only producing 65% of content, with 25% [...]

Content Writing Services

Every content marketing strategy relies on relevant and quality content. It is absolutely essential in building a strong online brand presence and to ensure successful traffic generation for your website. Markable Solutions’ army of writers create wide-ranging types of original, high-quality content for your website, blog and other marketing and sales collateral at real-time to [...]