Markable Solutions Founder and CEO, Reshma Nigam Speaks at her alma mater San Jose State University Event

Markable Solutions Founder and CEO, Reshma Nigam Speaks at her alma mater San Jose State University Event

San Jose, California – Markable Solutions, a leading Silicon Valley B2B marketing services provider, today announced that its Founder and CEO, Reshma Nigam was a panelist at a special event at San San Jose State University’s Lucas College and Graduate School of Business (LCoB), sharing her insights on the impact of ethics and values in entrepreneurship.

Values-driven Leadership in Entrepreneurial Success,” was the topic under discussion and the panelists were eminent Silicon Valley executives who shared one thing in common. They were all graduates from the Lucas School of Business:

  • Jay Fulcher, CEO of Zenefits
  • Reshma Nigam, Founder and CEO of Markable Solutions
  • Richard Coniff, Former President/CEO of Focus Business Bank

The group shared their professional journey after entering the corporate world and how they dealt with eithical delimmas. The message to the students was the same, don’t look at the short term, stay on the ethical path and though there will be many distractions not to let anythings way you from choosing an ethical course over other options.

Mr. Fulcher discussed how he was brought in to resolve the problems Zenifits was facing, while Mr Coniff shared interesting anecdotes from his days as a banker and the issues he had to deal with everyday.

Ms. Nigam discussed her journey leading up to founding Markable Solutions one of the Silicon Valley’s prominent B2B marketing companies and how she deals with business ethical dilemmas almost every day.

“Ethics is the foundation of every company, small or large and it is very important for young entrepreneurs to walk the ethical path. Choosing between right and wrong is very easy when your conscious is clear. My personal ethics have always influenced my business ethics. It has been tough sometimes, but I have always been clear about looking at the bigger picture and not compromising my values for a quick buck.”

After 12 years of founding and heading a marketing solutions company, Reshma moved on to start the next generation marketing company, Markable Solutions, which is focused on digital demand generation.

“My business is most susceptible to manipulation and fraud. Every project we deliver goes through a lot of internal QAs and rejections. Sometimes margins are low and it is tempting to overlook quality. But I am like a mentor to my young employees who lean on my judgement when it comes to making the final call and I do not cross the path,” she added.


“Real life business ethical dilemmas sometimes are very different than text book theories. Young entrepreneurs should focus on building a strong ethical foundation rather than just focusing entirely on profitability. Ethical dilemmas can come in any form be it employee rights, professional ethics, accounting ethics or business functional ethics. As a company leader, you need to make sure that you are focused on protecting your employees and most importantly your customers.” she further added.

The panelists’ appearance at the event generated lot of questions from curious students and young entrepreneurs eager to learn from the experienced alums. Here are some captured moments of the event.

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