Markable Solutions Introduces New “List-to-Lead” Service

Markable Solutions Introduces New “List-to-Lead” Service

Silicon Valley Marketing Services firm, Markable Solutions, has launched a new sales pipeline service developed for small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to build clean lists of qualified contacts, consequently, shaving off as much as 75% of the time of traditional list building/renting solutions. The new service, branded “List-to-Lead,” or L2L, helps new or experienced companies build fresh Prospect Lists, potentially filling any sales funnel with ready-to-purchase, relevant contacts.

“List-to-Lead” System Fills Lead Gap for SMEs

The List-to-Lead system particularly excels in quickly building lists for startups that might have never done lead generation, or who simply don’t have the resources to launch their product release to a broad audience. Additionally, SMEs who are breaking even or simply don’t have resources to focus solely on lead generation now have an L2L machine designed to push the envelope on omnichannel lead generation. .

Providing a “packed service,” Markable Solutions uses proprietary digital and telecom technologies to attract prospects inbound through online optimized forms, and outbound through traditional methods such as email marketing and telecalling.

“The L2L service will be provided on a monthly subscription model and several packaged service options will be offered to fit all budgets,” said Reshma Nigam, Founder and President of Markable Solutions.

Sales Funnel Evaluation & Execution Process

Markable Solutions first evaluates a company’s marketing processes, then helps refine and define the client’s specific needs.  Based on the findings, they formulate and present a cohesive plan to target prospects with any combination of services and tools required, including everything you’d imagine in contemporary customer conversions:

  • Content rich, call-to-action website
  • Social Media, including LinkedIn Marketing & community building
  • Content Creation: White Papers, eBooks, Blogs
  • SEO, PPC, Adwords
  • Drip & Triggered Email marketing
  • Tele-calling for lead generation & lead follow up
  • CRM and MA setup & execution – lead nurturing, scoring & insights
  • Event marketing
  • Marketing ROI data-driven success metrics

Cash strapped companies do not have the skilled resources in-house to provide all these services. It makes sense for them to reach out to marketing companies that have the skills and experience to do so. Markable Solutions’ team of leading edge Silicon Valley professionals wants to claim stake as the one-stop shop for custom marketing solutions. Their skilled teams execute results-driven marketing programs, cost-effective sales campaigns, and produce list-to-lead prospect funnels.

Emerging Technologies Rank Highly on the List-to-Lead Machine

The company has a very young and agile team that is quick to pick up the latest digital trends. They keep up with new emerging technologies that can be used to quickly get their clients high on rankings.

“Content Marketing plays a big role in digital marketing. We are making it possible for businesses to improve in-bound marketing leads by generating a constant flow of content to connect businesses to their potential customers,” said Reshma Nigam.

The Lead Generation business that started with telecalling has evolved now. As a result, even many of the traditional CRM and ESPs are getting into the action. Especially significant, companies such as SalesForce, Marketo and competing providers like SugarCRM, Eloqua, Pardot and Silverpop are now part the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and emerging Marketing Automation space. In addition digital advancements with social media leading the way has made it possible for companies to showcase themselves on the cloud. Prospects and customers reach out to them when they are really in need of a solution rather than the other way around.

Putting these technologies to work for lead generation is what Markable Solutions does best.

Markable Solutions List-to-Lead Services

Markable Solutions is a Silicon Valley B2B marketing company offering end-to-end funnel management services to clients worldwide. They specialize in executing “list-to-lead” multi-channel marketing campaigns by leveraging digital and tele-calling skills to boost lead flow and increase revenue. Experts in prospect list development, lead generation, digital marketing, strategic marketing and automation services, the company also offers high in-demand services such as content syndication, infographics design, animation and website development services.

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