Markable Solutions Now Offers Back Office Support Services

Back Office Support Services

Back Office Support Services – Markable Solutions, a leading Silicon Valley B2B marketing services provider, is happy to announce the launch of its new service – Back-Office Support Services. The new service is supported in Markable Solutions’ Manila Office, located in the capital city of the Philippines, widely considered an industry leader in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) with an unbeatable customer service culture. In fact, the Global Service Location Index Survey stated that the Philippines is considered one of the world’s top destinations for outsourcing back-office support services. Back Office support along with Customer Support is Markable’s fastest growing line of business.


“When we first started the center in Manila, we were focused on lead generation and call center support. Once we got established and got to know the culture and the people, we realized they were perfectly suited for different kinds of support services. They are educated, with good language skills, and most importantly, their helpful attitude is great for supporting organizations to grow,” said Reshma Nigam, President of Markable Solutions.


With great cultural compatibility, high standard of education, a bigger pool of talents, and great English proficiency, Markable Solutions’ Manila Office is the perfect place for outsourcing. The Philippines’ BPO industry has the potential to grow by 4% from 2019 to 2022 based on the Growth Forecast Executive Summary released by IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP). Moreover, the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) supports foreign investors to set up BPO companies in the Philippines by giving them incentives. Markable Solutions’ Manila Office has a well-trained team composed of professionals who are trained to support organizational and auxiliary processes.

Back Office Support Company

Markable Solutions’ Back-Office Support Services include Admin Support, Marketing Support, Customer Support, Data Management, Digital Marketing, Lead Management, Catalog Management, Content Creation, and Web Maintenance. These back-office support services are perfect for startups that require assistance with their back offices. For more information on Markable Solutions Back-Office Support Services, visit

About Markable Solutions

Markable Solutions is a Silicon Valley B2B marketing services provider offering end-to-end lead management services to clients worldwide. They specialize in executing multi-channel marketing campaigns by leveraging digital and tele-calling skills to boost lead flow and increase revenue. Markable Solutions has expertise in B2B marketing services ranging from prospect list development, lead generation, digital marketing, strategic marketing, and automation services. They also offer high in-demand services such as content syndication – whitepaper syndication, Infographics design, animation, and website development services. Customer Support and Back Office Support are its two fast growing line of businesses.

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