Media Company Selects Markable Solutions For Content Marketing

Media Company Selects Markable Solutions For Content Marketing

Markable Solutions to generate B2B whitepaper leads through online whitepaper syndication and tele-calling.

Markable Solutions, a leading B2B marketing services company, announced today that a US-based leading provider of advertising and demand generation solutions has selected Markable Solutions for whitepaper distribution services to augment their content marketing strategy.

The client had been looking for a partner who could be trusted with global marketing campaigns for their customers.“A good quality whitepaper can be one of the most effective marketing tools when it comes to lead generation and more and more companies are recognizing its importance,” according to Reshma Nigam CEO and President of Markable Solutions, “Markable Solutions will use its digital marketing and tele-touch marketing services to distribute these whitepapers to prospects of the end client.”

Since Markable Solutions already has a large homegrown database of IT, Marketing and Finance contacts in the US and other countries, reaching potential buyers of high tech products is not difficult. When online tactics are not enough, companies do fall back on traditional means of contacting prospects via phone and email. This is where Markable Solutions can help companies get to those difficult to reach decision makers.

Markable has generated around 50,000 qualified whitepaper leads for the media client and will continue to increase their reach.

“Content marketing is a fierce battle for seizing the prospect’s attention with desirable sales action. A quality whitepaper with relevant content when downloaded and read by a prospect proves to be very critical for the success of any sales organization as it offers the most potential for closed deals and profits. It has been always of great personal satisfaction to see our clients succeed, we hope to deliver our best in the coming months,” added Reshma Nigam.

About Markable Solutions

Markable Solutions is a Silicon Valley B2B marketing company offering end-to-end funnel management services to clients worldwide. They specialize in executing multi-channel marketing campaigns by leveraging digital and tele-calling skills to boost lead flow and increase revenue. Markable Solutions has expertise in marketing services ranging from prospect list development, lead generation, digital marketing, strategic marketing and automation services. They also offer high in-demand services such as content syndication, infographics design, animation and website development services.

Additional information about Markable Solutions can be found at For further inquiries call at +1 408-799-4081 or email at

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