Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

What Is Account Based Marketing?

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a B2B strategy that engages both sales and marketing efforts on a definite set of target accounts within a market and employs personalized campaigns designed to resonate with each account. With ABM, marketers can create a strategic set of activities that make them rise above the rest and capture their target accounts easily. Listed below are the benefits of Account-Based Marketing:

Consistent alignment between sales and marketing

Since account based marketers are more focused on accounts instead of individual leads, they end up speaking the same language as their sales counterparts. This situation leads to a strong alignment between sales and marketing. According to Forester Research, B2B companies with aligned sales and marketing teams perceive an average of 32% annual revenue growth, while less aligned companies see a 7% drop in growth.

Cost efficient marketing strategy

ABM is so targeted with its marketing efforts that resource waste is very limited. It also allows marketers to center their resources efficiently and implement marketing programs that are definitely optimized for target accounts.

Personalized and augmented

Account Based Marketing campaigns entail personalizing company communications to specific accounts so that these campaigns resonate with their target audiences. Targeted customers are more likely to engage with content that is geared exactly to them, and is applicable to their business and stage in the buyer journey.

Deliver higher ROI

A report from Sirius Decisions stated that more than 90% of B2B marketers call it “important” or “very important”, and several marketers claim that ABM supplies a higher ROI than any other form of B2B marketing. Clearly, Account-Based Marketing is a vital part of a modern “lead generation strategy”.

Should You Implement Account Based Marketing?

Now that you’ve learned about what ABM actually is, you might be wondering if it’s worth investing in. One great reason to invest in “Account Based Marketing” is that research studies show it appears to be effective in delivering ROI. Research from the Alters Group found that 97% of respondents stated that ABM had a slightly higher or much higher ROI than other marketing campaigns.

Markable Solutions Account based Marketing Process

Account Based Marketing

Determine high value accounts

Markable Solutions utilize all the firm graphic data and competitive intelligence of our clients to help them select their high-value accounts. We also use other strategic factors such as revenue potential, influence in the market, or the likelihood to purchase repeatedly from our clients.


Create personalized messaging

An effective ABM initiative employs helpful content that addresses clear and substantial business challenges the target account faces. Markable Solutions studies on how the client’s messaging and content can address the target account’s definite business challenges effectively.



Pick the right optimal channels

Our strategic team communicates with the client’s target audience on all the channels they leverage such as web, mobile, and email. We also consider which channels will be more effective for specific roles or industries that the clients’ might be targeting.



Implement targeted & coordinated campaigns

We coordinate client’s campaigns across channels and align their marketing and sales teams’ efforts for determining impact. Technology is empowering marketers to coordinate and implement ABM campaigns at a much better scale and more proficiently than ever before.



Evaluate the results

We make sure to test the client’s ABM campaigns to ensure they are effective so they can enhance the results over time. We check and examine the results of individual campaigns and the trends at the account level. The results will give the clients a clear picture of what campaigns are effective and the ones that are not.

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