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White Paper, is considered one of the most efficient B2B lead generation tools and can have a very powerful influence on the ROI of your marketing strategy. Yet, many white papers fail to perform to expectations. They often turn into an email list development exercise where contact information is gathered from prospects, but prospects retain very little from the interaction and more often than not have no remembrance of the white paper on follow up sales calls.

White Papers leads can be easily combined with other lead gen services that we offer to brand your company, create awareness and fill your pipeline.

Markable Solutions takes pride in offering our most popular and niche service: White Paper syndication. We help clients circulate their white papers through paid web syndication, online marketing and tele-nurture activities.



Educate and engage prospects
Convert inquiry into sales
Build brands
Fill your sales pipeline with warm qualified leads
Enhance traffic to website
Capture intent data (digital footprints)

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