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Markable Solutions moves your prospects down the funnel converting them from mere contacts in your database to SALES-READY LEAD


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Markable Solutions offers comprehensive content services from ideation to CONTENT SYNDICATION


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With strong digital technology experience, Markable Solutions promotes your offerings by creating a buzz on the Internet


Our Services

List to lead

List to Lead

State-of-the-art demand generation designed for growth-oriented B2B companies looking for ways to boost lead flow and revenue surge.Read More…

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

A time-tested methodology committed to gathering valuable information about target markets, high-end research and surveys.Read More…

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

A cyborg approach to drive profitable customer action using reliable and high-quality content. Markable Solutions combines the best of digital marketing…Read More…

Automation Services

Automation Services

A dynamic duo offering to manage your CRM and Marketing Automation solutions – set-up, integration, lead nurturing campaign execution.Read More…

Automation Services

Customer Support

We specialize in providing customer support, engagement and business process solutions across the entire customer lifecycle to achieve..Read More…

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

ROI driven digital marketing strategy custom-designed to promote brand, build awareness and increase sales through multi-channels.Read More…

Web Development

Web Development

SEO friendly and customer-oriented web design and development services crafted to help you leverage the latest web technologies.Read More…

Why Choose Markable Solutions?

Discover how Markable Solutions will increase your sales through an updated B2B marketing strategy.

Holistic View

Holistic View

Our holistic marketing approach looks at your entire business (people, processes and products/services) and tailors solutions to align services and customer touchpoints, so that consumers’ understanding of your brand is unified and consistent across all channels.

Smart Scaling

Smart Scaling

We work like a charm for companies whose number one priority is growth. If you want to spend your time acquiring new customers, maximizing profits, and entail someone else to do the onerous tasks for you at a reasonable rate – then we are the perfect turbo booster for you. And when you decide to slow down, we can smart scale too.

Better Marketing Operations Management

Better Marketing Operations Management

Successful and efficient marketing requires pragmatic operations management and Markable Solutions can effectively deliver this by a adopting data-driven holistic marketing approach using automation and reporting tools.

Optimized Marketing Budget

Optimized Marketing Budget

Our US-based company is augmented by our India based delivery team, executing results-driven marketing programs and cost-effective campaigns – Saving you precious time and marketing dollars.

Unique and Custom Marketing Solutions

Unique and Custom Marketing Solutions

We are persistently funnelling towards becoming One-Stop Shop for all your marketing needs by offering exclusive and customized B2B marketing solutions.

Back Office Support Services

Markable Solutions Now Offers Back Office Support Services

Back Office Support Services   Back Office Support Services – Markable Solutions, a leading Silicon Valley B2B marketing services provider, is happy to announce the launch of its new service – Back-Office Support Services. The new service is supported in Markable Solutions’ Manila Office, located in the capital city of the Philippines, widely considered an industry leader in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) with an unbeatable customer service culture. In fact, the Global Service Location Index Survey stated that the Philippines is […]

privacy shield certification

Markable Solutions Now Complies with EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework

Markable Solutions, a prominent B2B marketing services provider, now has the Privacy Shield certification for compliance with data protection laws and the transfer of data from the EU and/or Switzerland to the United States.

Markable Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary

Markable Solutions Celebrates 5th Anniversary as a Leader in B2B Lead Generation and Customer Support Services

Markable Solutions, the global B2B marketing and customer support services company announced today that January 15, 2020 marked the company’s 5th anniversary since its founding in 2015. […]

the first ordinary corporation

Markable Solutions, The First Ordinary Corporation registered in the Philippines under Republic Act No. 11232 (Revised Corporation Code)

Markable Solutions, a leading B2B Media and Marketing Services company, announced today that, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued the certificate of incorporation of Markable Solutions Phils, Inc.

contact support services

Markable Solutions Launches New Customer Support Services to Help Businesses Build a Superior Customer Experience

Markable Solutions, a leading Silicon Valley B2B marketing services provider, announced today the launch of Customer Support Services to help […]

marketing services provider in manila

Markable Solutions Expands Delivery Capabilities, Opens New Offices in Philippines

Markable Solutions, a leading B2B marketing services provider, announced today the opening of its newest facility in Manila, Philippines […]

data protection statement

Data Protection Statement

In May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaced the existing 1995 EU Data Protection Directive (European Directive 95/46/EC) […]

SVP Alliances & Business Development

Markable Solutions Appoints Steve Thompson as SVP Alliances & Business Development

Saratoga, CA., October 1, 2018 – Markable Solutions, a leading B2B marketing services company, today announced that […]

ICA elects reshma nigam as CEO

Indians For Collective Action (ICA) Elects Reshma Nigam As The New President

Silicon Valley, CA – We are proud to announce that Reshma Nigam, CEO and Founder, Markable Solutions has been selected as the new President of Indians For Collective Action (ICA) […]

Reshma Nigam

Markable Solutions Founder and CEO, Reshma Nigam Speaks at her alma mater San Jose State University Event

San Jose, California – Markable Solutions, a leading Silicon Valley B2B marketing services provider, today announced that its […]

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial

CEO of Tech Startup

It was such a pleasure to work with the Markable Solutions team. They were strategic, efficient, and a resourceful. With just one briefing they were able to successfully run with the data collection exercise. The data scientists on my team were very impressed with the level of data hygiene and structure from the team’s effort.[ …]

Client Testimonial

It has been pleasure working with Markable Solutions. The team is very responsive, professional and consistent. We have worked on multiple projects with Markable including prospect list development and digital marketing services. – VP Marketing for a large multinational

Client Testimonial

The first thing that comes to mind about Markable Solutions is great value for money. Their database validation and cleansing service rates are very competitive, but their accuracy rate is very high! Database hygiene has been our top priority and Markable has consistently […]

Client Testimonial

Markable Solutions has generated thousands of whitepaper leads for us. Whitepaper syndication is changing the face of traditional marketing and we are so glad that we have their expert content marketing team in our side. – VP Marketing, for a media company

B2B Video Marketing

How B2B Video Marketing Campaigns Can Add Value to Customers

B2B Video Marketing – Videos have become an effective and convenient way to demonstrate what your business has to offer to potential customers. According to […]

ABM Content Syndication

A Practical Guide to Generate ABM Content Syndication Leads

ABM Content syndication is starting to create a buzz in the world of account-based marketing (ABM). Once commonly an under performing channel, content syndication now […]

B2B Lead Generation Tool

10 Reasons Why Live Chat Is the Most Powerful B2B Lead Generation Tool

Live chat is commonly used to support sales or customer service activities. It can help businesses communicate directly with their prospective clients in real-time. But […]

outsourcing back office

Outsourcing Back Office Services During the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation of 2021 is the trending shift of the US labor force to “work from home” or remote jobs as shown in the […]

B2b lead generation Strategy

B2B Lead Generation Strategy

Whether you’re a B2B firm generating leads through social media or a B2C eCommerce site generating sales through your website, an effective lead generation strategy […]

Best White Paper Syndication Services From Markable Solutions

Markable Solutions offers its top-of-the-line services – White Paper Syndication. We help clients share their most valued white papers through paid web syndication, online marketing, and tele-nurture activities.