Event Marketing

Event Marketing

Proving ROI is the biggest challenge facing today’s event marketing team. How to predict how many people will attend your events and what drives them is a constant debate in marketing circles. Pre-planning an event as almost as important as the event itself, how to set goals, many attendees to target, who to target, how to procure an accurate list? what should be the mix of decision-makers that you need vs others who come to events to learn or to enjoy some time off? Markable Solutions helps you with these dilemmas. We recruit your event participants,  nurture them till the event date, provide marketing qualified leads for your sales teams which leads to a successful event and to increased revenues through our high-grade event marketing services.


We can help you smoothly overcome the following event marketing challenges:


  • Attracting new audiences from social media channels
  • Difficulty in converting prospects into attendees
  • Unproductive email lists
  • Ineffective event email campaigns


Top 5 Event Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.” – Steve Jobs.

Mistakes are inevitable, especially when you are hosting large events. Here are some of the epic mistakes that Markable Solutions requests you to avoid:


1. Untargeted prospect list for event invitation

A prospect database’s size and quality are equally matters while doing event marketing campaigns. An inaccurate, untargeted list will never give you the amount of registrations your management wants.

2. Wrong messaging

Event messaging has to be well worded and appealing to the general audience. An event could be on a highly technical topic, but should reach out to your audience is an engaging way so that they feel compelled to attend.

3. Promotion on wrong channels

As per research by Hubspot and Constant Contact, on an average, companies use five different event promotion channels of which email marketing is the most widely used, preceded by mail invites (47% companies use it) and social media marketing (40% ). During promotion make sure that you choose the channels relevant to your business and where you have enough prospective event audiences.

4. Too early or too late promotion

Prospects might lose interest if you start event promotion too early and starting too late might is always an issue. Events should be planned 5-6 months beforehand and promotional campaigns should be initiated not more than 3 months in advance.

5. Not taking outside help

It is always good to hire outside experts to make sure that your team is more focused in achieving event goals and less worried about event recruitment or campaigns execution.

Our Event Marketing Process:

Markable Solutions’ strategic event planning team applies an integrated marketing approach using traditional methods with digital marketing to measurable results.

Be it industry events, trade shows, conferences or seminars; we believe that every B2B company can by following a proven event promotion roadmap.

Here is our event marketing process:
    1. Define the event goals
    2. Set-up the event marketing database
    3. Create event promotion content
    4. Design landing page design and update website
    5. Develop a multi-channel promotion strategy – a careful mix of digital, mailing and tele-calling
    6. Execute event campaigns
    7. Track and measure results

Markable Solutions executes event marketing campaigns – promoting your event, collecting new contacts, & typically filling your venue. Deploying relevant media – G+, Press, Twitter – Markable Solutions manages & reports on audience origination, so you have a fined tuned channel strategy for your next event. By applying attribution to your audience contacts, we help you calculate the ROI for your event marketing campaigns.


Our event marketing team includes:
  • Digital marketing experts to promote your event on multiple paid & free social channels.
  • Tele-callers to call & verify attendees.
  • Project manager to overall manage your entire event promotions campaigns.

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