Simple Work Philosophy: Be Resourceful. – Reshma Nigam, CEO, Markable Solutions

Introduction to Markable Solutions List of B2B Sales Services

Markable Solutions list of B2B sales services helps companies achieve their sales & customer acquisition goals. While automation has helped drive progress in the world of marketing, closing deals is about human contact. Markable Solutions supplies the human touch, the bridge between automation & manual processes that streamline your team’s sales & marketing operations.

Markable Solutions combination of high-tech scientists & shrewd content marketers harmonizes to deliver “measurable” ROI, through server-side analytics, customized Google Analytics, & of course, sales.

Most of our clients are drawn to our B2B database lead generation – especially the free trial – though this sales funnel focus is followed closely by our confidence & track record in marketing automation, B2B database marketing, & competitive intelligence – for which we have global clients that require sophisticated sales channel optimization & behaviorally targeted database management.

“It’s not resources but resourcefulness that ultimately makes the difference.” – Tony Robbins

Marketing Automation Services

Markable Solutions teams are known database specialists, with years of meeting the highest engineering feats in technical & automated processes. Engineers & project managers work with you to segment your database, & report results custom to your unique KPIs.

Proactive lead management – Markable Solutions is a single source for lead management – lead generation, scoring & nurturing & lead lifecycle management.

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“It was such a pleasure to work with the Markable Solutions team. They were strategic, efficient, and a resourceful. With just one briefing they were able to successfully run with the data collection exercise. The data scientists on my team were very impressed with the level of data hygiene and structure from the team’s effort.”

CEO, Tech Startup

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