Simple Work Philosophy: Be Resourceful. – Reshma Nigam, CEO, Markable Solutions

Introduction to Markable Solutions List of B2B Sales Services

Markable Solutions list of B2B sales services helps companies achieve their sales & customer acquisition goals. While automation has helped drive progress in the world of marketing, closing deals is about human contact. Markable Solutions supplies the human touch, the bridge between automation & manual processes that streamline your team’s sales & marketing operations.

Markable Solutions combination of high-tech scientists & shrewd content marketers harmonizes to deliver “measurable” ROI, through server-side analytics, customized Google Analytics, & of course, sales.

Most of our clients are drawn to our B2B database lead generation – especially the free trial – though this sales funnel focus is followed closely by our confidence & track record in marketing automation, B2B database marketing, & competitive intelligence – for which we have global clients that require sophisticated sales channel optimization & behaviorally targeted database management.

“It’s not resources but resourcefulness that ultimately makes the difference.” – Tony Robbins

Marketing Automation Services

Markable Solutions teams are known database specialists, with years of meeting the highest engineering feats in technical & automated processes. Engineers & project managers work with you to segment your database, & report results custom to your unique KPIs.

Proactive lead management – Markable Solutions is a single source for lead management – lead generation, scoring & nurturing & lead lifecycle management.

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