Webinar Recruitment Services

Webinar Recruitment Services
Web + Seminar = Webinar

The webinar has become an effective and powerful tool in the B2B industry. In fact, a research study conducted by the GoToWebinar has found out that 73% of B2B marketers believe that webinars are very essential in generating high-quality leads. Hosting webinars also adds value to your prospects and existing customers while mining golden leads.

Why Use Webinars for Lead Generation?

That’s a good question. We all know that there are a lot of ways to generate leads such as telemarketing, cold emails, word of the mouth marketing, etc. However, webinars empower you to nail that first impression with potential clients. Here are some fascinating reasons why webinars are very ideal for B2B marketers:

  • Capture high-quality leads – Webinars aren’t just for getting you lots of subscribers. People who go through the trouble of registering for and watching a webinar are seeking long-lasting connections with a brand or in-depth information on a specific topic.
  • Get more engaged prospects – Webinar attendees are more engaged and more ready to take action. They tend to be more willing to share their personal information due to the higher perceived value of a webinar. It also enables you to collect more customer data during the registration process.
  • Establish credibility and trust – People only want to do business transactions with companies they truly know and trust. Webinars will give you the authority to interact with your target audience and put trust-building on the fast track. If a prospect registers for your webinar, he/she already believes that you can help them with something.
Outsourcing Webinars to a Third-Party Provider

Hosting high-quality, content-rich webinars takes time and effort. That is why many companies consider outsourcing this task to a third-party webinar recruitment service provider. They have the expertise and experience to execute your webinar needs. At Markable Solutions, we do a lot of webinar recruitment services for our clients effectively and with good results.

Our integrated marketing campaigns are strictly results driven, aimed at generating quality leads. Our offshore team develops custom, high-quality email databases, nurtures cold leads, & generates sales-ready leads. These time-intensive tasks are beyond the scope of onshore list developers; costs & processes would be prohibitive.

Content Syndication & Search Engine Marketing (SEM), classified under our key offerings, form a critical component of ROI in our List-to-Lead Approach.

Markable Solutions Webinar Recruitment Services Process

Markable Solutions conducts a preliminary discussion with clients regarding objectives, requirements, and goals. Basically, we ask them questions such as:


  • What are the webinar topics?
  • Who are their target audience?
  • How many webinar attendees they expect?
  • What platform are they going to use for their webinars?
  • What is their registration process?

And other relevant questions to position the webinars properly.

After analyzing the information from the clients, we make sure our process fulfills all the requirements.


Markable Solutions’ strategic team is composed of highly-trained individuals:

  • Digital marketing experts to promote webinars on multiple paid & free social channels.
  • Tele-callers to call and recruit attendees.
  • Project manager to overall manage the entire webinar campaigns.
  • We can send reminder emails, make reminder calls, and follow-through after the Webinar if required.

Our implementation strategy is a combination of telemarketing and digital efforts.

  • Designing the landing page design and updating the website of the clients about the upcoming webinars they are promoting.
  • Conducting calls for the prospects, sending emails, and reaching prospects on LinkedIn.

Once the prospects confirm their attendance, we will register them for the webinar and will send them a reminder 24 hours before the webinar starts.

After the webinar, we make sure to track and measure results so clients will have a bigger picture on the success of their webinars.

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