Content Syndication Services

Content Syndication Services

Content syndication enables you to avoid the impossible: pressuring your in-house team to continually produce mounds of 100% original content. Content curation and syndication using tele-nurturing ensures that you promote engaging content on a massive scale, without overspending. According to Content Marketing Tactics Planner, top-notch content marketers are only producing 65% of content, with 25% being curated from reliable sources and 10% being syndicated from topic-related sources. Markable Solutions helps create the perfect content mix and maximum exposure through paid syndication, digital marketing, and tele-calling campaigns. In addition, we’ve already seen content syndication that doesn’t work, so we ensure you avoid the following common roadblocks:

  • Low-end, non-engaging material created by less experienced writers and producers
  • Miscommunication among creative, marketing, and sales teams in executing content syndication campaigns
  • Paying way too much for content syndication processes and campaigns
Why Content Syndication?

Creating good content is, unluckily, just half the work. With search engines giving so much priority to content quality, you need to make sure that the content is not only engaging and relevant but also visible on search rankings. Your website’s organic visibility depends on many factors including optimized content, good SEO, social media marketing, blogging, link building, etc. Content syndication is as tactic `Here are some reasons why you should opt for content syndication.

  • Online content syndication gives you good visibility to large and relevant audiences with quality link back to your website
  • Syndication through tele-nurture helps you generate highly qualified lead
  • Content syndication using rich marketing/sales collateral helps in proclaiming company brand
White Paper Syndication Services: Our #1 Offering

White Paper, an educational resource is considered one of the most effective lead generation tools and can have a powerful effect on the ROI of your marketing strategy. Here is what white papers can do:

  • Educate and engage prospects and builds brands
  • Fills your sales funnel with warm qualified (opt-in) prospects
  • Boosts traffic to your website
  • Capture intent data (digital footprints)
  • Turn interest into sales action.

Markable Solutions takes pride in offering our most preferred and niche services – White Paper Syndication. We help clients share their most valued white papers through paid web syndication, online marketing and tele-nurture activities.

We syndicate white papers online on many free sites including LinkedIn, Hubpages, Scribd, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We also help our clients publish their white papers – either in-house or through third party publishers.

In addition to web syndication, we offer a unique tele-nurture service under which we follow-up with your campaign prospects and offer additional educational white papers, articles, or presentations. We can also embed a few qualifying questions into this process which converts your warm white paper lead into a qualified lead. The overwhelming majority of B2B companies don’t have the internal resources to verify the quality of their contact list, let alone follow up on every white paper syndication lead.

Our Content Syndication Process:
  • Integrating Content Marketing Strategy with Syndication: Markable Solutions incorporate content syndication into your content Marketing strategy by closely accessing your content Marketing objectives, budget, scheduled campaign details, content, offers, etc.
  • Content Selection/Creation/Re-purpose and Optimization: We help you select the best from available documents or re-purpose existing ones, then optimize everything before it goes out. White papers, reports, eBooks and presentations are some of the mostly used content for syndication.
  • Online Promotion – Free and Paid Syndication: Based on your content strategy, we start syndicating your collateral through online promotion – both paid and free.
  • Tele-nurture: Markable solutions offer a unique prospect qualification service to call and promote your marketing collateral such as white paper through cold calls or email campaign follow-up calls.
  • Tracking and Measurement: We create metrics to measure the success of your content syndication strategy and track your online and tele-nurture campaigns results.

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