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Content marketing services explore the art of communicating with your clients and prospects without actually selling. The primary principle of any content strategy is to deliver clear, relevant, appealing, informative and consistent content to buyers and ultimately engage them into the sales process.The keyword in content marketing is consistency.
A strategic marketing approach has been specially crafted by us to promote your and content through digital marketing and outbound tele-calling efforts to drive profitable customer action. If you are facing any of the following challenges, then our content marketing is the only suitable solution for you:
  • Insufficient resources – in producing enough content
  • Incompetent team – in producing engaging or quality content
  • Expensive paid syndication


New Era of Marketing – Customer Engagement and Content


Customer engagement is always a crucial part of content strategy. Content for customer engagement is all about being appropriate – and meeting customer’s needs. Content marketing is a major part of the integrated marketing puzzle that marketers are trying to solve. The new era of digital marketing demands mind-set shift from stand-alone campaigns to informative and engaging content.


Why Outsource Content Marketing Services?


Content marketing is a new concept and not everyone knows how to make the best use of this important concept. Marketers face major challenges with content creation, budget restraints and tracking. Here are some statistics that reveal the importance of outsourcing content marketing:


  • 71% of B2B marketers use content marketing to generate leads and generate 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing. (Marketing Profs, Demand Metric)
  • Only 38% of all content marketers are effective at content marketing. (Content Marketing Institute)
  • More than 50% marketers face challenges in producing engaging content, 21% producing enough content and almost 40% struggle with budget.
  • More than 60% of marketers find measurement to be the single most challenging content marketing problem.


In short: Everyone needs help with their content marketing — it’s a battle for audience attention and desirable sales action.

Our Content Marketing Process

Benjamin Franklin said, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.”

Our content marketing process is worth both reading and writing about:

Content Strategy Development

Based on your marketing goals and budget, Markable Solutions will design a comprehensive content plan, easy to implement and monitor. We start with clearly defining your target audience and their needs, identifying messaging and channels that we will use to promote content. We align your content goals and missions with your marketing goals. Finally, we strategize on creation, publication, and governance of useful content and prepare an editorial calendar.

Content Creation and Re-purposing

Developing new resources for content marketing requires a lot of effort – from ideation, heavy research to content creation and promotion. Re-purposing can save a great amount of your time and money and encompass your initial content marketing investment. Our writers can effectively re-purpose your existing content and also can create high-quality original content for your marketing campaigns.

Content Promotion and Management

We help your content promotion and syndication using social media campaigns, community activities, guest blogging, paid syndication and outbound tele-calling. Markable solutions offer a unique service to call and promote your marketing collateral such as whitepapers or reports through follow up calls and cold calls as well.

Tracking and Measurement

Measurement is the most important part of building a successful content marketing strategy.We create metrics to measure the success of your content strategy and track your marketing campaigns using manual as well as automated tools.

Our Content Marketing Services:

Markable Solutions offer comprehensive content services spanning from ideation to syndication. Our content marketing services are highly effective and can be utilized in increasing your visibility and ability to be discovered online.

Our content marketing services include the following major offerings:

Content Writing

Our army of writers create varied types of original, high-quality content in real-time to help you achieve content marketing success. Content creation is a key skill and our clients are critically dependent on this service.

Content Syndication

All content needs to be shared. This is where our team helps in getting the word out via varied syndication methods to reach your target audience. We can help you promote your products and services via paid syndication, digital marketing, email marketing and tele-calling activities. Whitepaper syndication is one of our preferred offering.

Infographics Services

Markable Solutions helps brands tie concept with understanding using visual communication, uniquely created to attract, educate, and impact change. Our infographics services can help you summarize whitepapers/reports, visualize blogs and reinforce social campaigns.

Why choose Markable Solutions for B2B Content Marketing Services?

  • Affordable & ROI Driven Content Marketing Campaigns – Our content marketing campaigns are comprehensive, result driven, aimed at generating & promoting quality content through multi-channels (inbound & outbound marketing activities).
  • At reasonable rates, our content writers can create new content or re-purpose existing content.
  • Our content marketing services team includes:
    • Writers versatile in numerous technologies can quickly generate white papers, press releases, blogs, marketing collateral, website content & articles.
    • Campaign Managers who can effectively manage all your syndication & digital marketing campaigns.
    • Digital experts who help clients avail the full potential of digital marketing
    • Tele-callers who can do content syndication – example whitepaper syndication, over phone.
Content Marketing Services Case Study
  • Client: Large multinational in need of digital presence for a new product.

  • Our role and deliverable: Our client had a new product on the market. The company’s content marketing services had historically been created in house, but with an internal resource crunch and a budget crisis, they approached Markable Solutions for developing a content strategy. Our team of experts proposed a series of blogs, articles, white papers and online discussion groups. With input from the client’s technology and marketing teams, we applied our content marketing services to create an online buzz. We followed this content creation phase with a syndication phase where thousands of prospects were contacted for downloading content we had created for our client – all part of our content marketing services. The awareness that followed created the impact that the company desperately needed after the product launch.

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