Content Writing Services

Content Writing Services

Every content marketing strategy relies on relevant and quality content. It is absolutely essential in building a strong online brand presence and to ensure successful traffic generation for your website. Markable Solutions’ army of writers create wide-ranging types of original, high-quality content for your website, blog and other marketing and sales collateral at real-time to help your achieve content marketing success.

We can help you overcome following content writing challenges:
  • Insufficient resources – in producing pertinent marketing content
  • Incompetent team – in producing engaging content
  • Expensive paid writers
The Impact of Content Writing Services on SEO

Focusing on quality content and the user experience truly is the best way to ensure your search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing success. Latest search engines updates have been presenting far-reaching impact on website rankings. Here are some statistics that can help you comprehend the impact of content writing on SEO:

  • Website with blogs have 434% more index pages and 97% more index links on average
  • Companies with active blogs receive 97% more leads – Content rich websites tends to get more back links and social traffic.
  • Google’s #1 page of search results, ranks major websites that typically have between 2,032 and 2,494 words. By writing web pages that are filled with original, high-quality and relevant content that users find useful, you are more likely to rank higher.

Our Content Writing Process:

Content Writing Services
Content Repurpose

Developing new content for marketing requires a lot of work – from ideation, deep research to content production and promotion. Repurposing can save an abundant amount of your time and resources and comprehend your early content marketing investments. According to Curata, 29% of leading marketers systematically reuse and repurpose content. Our writers can commendably repurpose your contemporary content and create new high-quality content for your marketing campaigns.

New Content Creation

Markable Solutions offers high quality content writing services exclusively for your business, with exceptional turnaround times. All content is reviewed to conform to recent Google updates.

At Markable Solutions, we create content to support your digital marketing efforts and help you engage with prospects. We can write content for your websites, blogs, articles, newsletter, press release, marketing collateral – whitepaper, reports, events, etc. We can also help you in planning and preparing editorial calendars to better implement your content strategy. The best part of our content writing services is that we happily revise the content until you give final approval. We follow predictable steps to create great content.

  • Understanding Concepts
  • Title selection
  • Outlining
  • Research and Writing
  • Client review and approval
  • Final Edits
  • Publish
Our Content Writing Services Team:
  • Writers to curate & create original content from disparate, highly visible online & offline sources.
  • Writers, compliant in different technologies/industries who can quickly generate white papers, press releases, blogs, marketing collateral, website content & articles.

Apart from content writing services, we also offer content syndication and infographics designing services.

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