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Are you leveraging the immense potential of email marketing services? Do you think connecting with your target audience via email is a complex and slow process? Our data-driven email marketing services will bust your myths. 

Markable Solutions is a leading B2B marketing company that uses the latest technology to propel business growth. Convert highly-qualified leads (HQL) and sales-qualified (SQL) leads making their way to your sales funnel. Our business-to-business email marketing services focus on deriving a high ROI by identifying your ICP, integrating personalization, and using the latest data trends. The best part is that you pay only for the qualified leads! 

With realistic goals and staying ahead with technological innovations, our multi-touch email marketing campaigns can transform your lead generation process.

Let your conversion rate soar!

Extensive Database

We are aware of how critical an extensive database is for the success of an email marketing campaign. We have a large database of over 18.8 million contacts covering diverse market segments.

Connect with your ICP

Email marketing is an effective tool for building brand awareness, driving conversions, and ensuring a steady supply of highly qualified leads. We understand your target audience and build email lists comprising your Ideal Customer Profile.

Engaging Content

Do not let your emails drown in the sea of promotional emails. Content is the heart of the email marketing service. Our in-house content marketing team curates relevant and meaningful content that attracts attention and encourages prospects to do business with you.

Latest Tools

The latest feature-rich email marketing tools and our expertise enable us to implement conversion-focused email marketing services and maximize revenue.

High ROI

Do you know that email generates $42 for every $1 spent? 82% of marketers use email marketing globally. Are you one of them? Our experts will help you derive a high ROI with email marketing services with increased engagement and an influx of MQLs and SQLs.

Performance Monitoring

We track the deliverability and quality of email marketing services using various performance indicators, such as open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and others.

Are you ready to harness the power of Email Marketing?

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