Database Validation

Database Validation

Today every business from SMBs to large organizations is dealing with databases – cluttered with outdated, invalid or incomplete data. While executives have been regularly drifting between companies, jobs and titles these days, dirty data has become more than a nuisance. Without professional database validation, your situation won’t improve.


Markable Solutions helps you validate your existing database by replacing incorrect or missing contact details, conducting phone verification, and ensuring uniform data format to make sure your database is up-to-date. Markable Solutions can help you in overcoming the following database validation challenges:


  • Incomplete and redundant records in database
  • Incompetence to manage/update prospect/customer database regularly
  • Unproductive purchased email lists
  • CRM and Marketing Automation Solutions clogged with dirty data
  • Marketing campaigns not giving the desired results

Constant Database Cleansing Is Necessary

Outdated, incorrect, or duplicate database will never support optimum marketing decisions. As per a study, 30% of your prospect database gets outdated in every 3 months, so by the end of the year you are left with an outdated database for your marketing and sales campaigns. Also, as per another study report by DemandGen, dirty database can impact all areas of enterprise including almost 80% of lead generation efforts and 66% of your marketing efforts.


Removing latent and inaccurate data can save you time and precious marketing dollars when it comes to improving the efficiency of your inside sales team. Your inside sales team will be wasting valuable time chasing useless contacts only because they are listed on prospect list.


Not only prospect list, you need to keep your customer database clean too. As per Marketing Metrics the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70% while the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.


Continuous validation of corporate database is hence necessary for accuracy and timeliness, and for ensuring that every department in your organization has access to clean, updated and comprehensive data.

Our B2B Database Cleansing, Validation & Verification Process:

Markable Solutions starts the validation process with database de-duping to remove duplicate entries. Our analysts then identify and append the missing information.


Once all the entries are complete, our tele-calling team validates the detailed contact information including: company name, contact name, title, address, telephone number and e-mail address, industry, SIC code, revenue, etc, deletes and replaces incorrect data with updated information.

Finally database is edited in a uniform format as per client’s requirement and then exported into CRM.

Why Select Markable Solutions for Database Validation Services?

  • Our database scrubbing, cleansing & validation services rates are highly competitive.
  • Markable Solutions helps you save precious time for your inside sales team. A validated prospect & customer database increases chances of getting quality leads, resulting in shortened sales cycles.

Our database cleaning team includes:

  • Tele-callers who perform contact validation & verification over the phone.
  • Assigned project managers to manage your B2B email list validation projects.

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