Lead Scoring and Nurturing

Lead Scoring and Nurturing

No time for lead scoring and nurturing? Lead management is a natural struggle between Marketing and Sales. Sales feels there are never enough leads while Marketing feels that Sales neglects the marketing qualified leads sent by Marketing.

Markable Solutions is experienced at managing the lead life-cycle right from Marketing Automation software selection, prospects engagement and education, lead generation,leads capturing, scoring, nurturing non sales-ready leads, discarding unwanted inquiries, generating sales-ready leads and updating CRM.

Markable Solutions can together work with you in managing lead management issues such:

  • No time for lead scoring and nurturing
  • Inability in implementing the lead scoring and nurturing strategy
  • Lead nurturing campaigns not giving desired results

Busting the Myths – Lead Scoring and Nurturing

While every company has a unique approach towards leads scoring and nurturing, there are several myths associated with lead management.Let’s take a look at some popularly held belief sand check them against industry facts.

  • Every lead is a good lead – According to a research by MarketingSherpa.com, 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Considering every lead as good lead can create havoc in your sales-pipeline.
  • You should only work on sales-ready leads – The statistics above suggest that only 21%of your marketing leads are sales-ready. You simply cannot ignore the remaining 79%. Leads that are not sales-ready are especially the ones which need to be nurtured more. Based on scoring you can decide on how aggressively you should nurture them.
  • Why bother? Sales team can do the lead qualification – It is very true that your sales team can better qualify your leads than any software, but then lead qualification and scoring is a very time consuming process.
  • Lead nurturing is a luxury – The fact is lead nurturing is one of the best ways to produce good quality leads. If leads are not nurtured properly, companies can have a 20% drop in sales revenue.

Our Lead Scoring and Nurturing Process:

There is no absolute process for lead scoring and nurturing. Every company based on its business needs and marketing/sales requirements; develops its own lead nurturing strategy. Markable Solutions helps you kick-start the nurturing initiative by consulting your marketing and sales team. Below listed are some of the common elements of the process:


  • Defining criteria and goals- We start the process with aligning sales and marketing departments together through consensus. We then gather the data for defining lead qualification and develop the scoring criteria. We also define KPIs, benchmarks and ultimate monthly/quarterly/annual goals.
  • Integrating CRM and marketing automation- We then integrate the sales and marketing tools such as CRM, Marketing Automation and the Website together.
  • Lead generation- Using compelling content and a highly targeted list, we then execute targeted online, inbound and telemarketing campaigns.
  • Intelligence collection, segmentation and lead scoring- Based on the buyer persona, quality of engagement, buying stage and urgency to buy; we segment leads and score them accordingly.
  • Lead nurturing- We help you set-up personalized drip email campaigns using relevant offers and content for various types of leads.
  • Lead assignment to sales and management- All the leads generated are qualified by our business executives and transferred to your sales team who can then manage them using sales tools.
  • Analytics and reporting- We closely monitor and report every aspect of lead generation, lead scoring and nurturing.

Why Choose Markable Solutions for Lead Scoring and Nurturing Services?

  • Our scored & qualified leads have a higher chance of closure, thereby shortening your sales cycle.
  • Our Lead Scoring & Nurturing team Includes:
    • MA Analysts who can help you score & nurture leads manually or through your marketing automation solution.
    • Experienced business development executives who review & ensure that your leads are qualified to your specifications.
    • Experienced project managers who track, manage, & report on your lead generation and nurturing campaigns.

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