CRM Database Management Services

CRM Database Management Services

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the right approach for companies that are looking into consolidating their marketing and sales operations while offering quality customer service. Markable Solutions offers an extensive range of CRM database management services that help clients leverage their CRM solution and meet their customer relationship management goals. We help companies with CRM selection, implementation, training, tools integration, lead management and CRM Database Validation /Cleansing. We have an experienced team that can effortlessly manage different CRMs including, Oracle CRM, Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.


We help clients side-step CRM challenges such as:


  • Difficulty in selecting the right CRM database management services
  • Inability to integrate sales and marketing processes
  • Unable to identify the right partner for CRM implementation and support
  • Not able to manage leads/opportunities/customers/vendors on CRM

5 Tips For Choosing CRM Database Management Services

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs, founder of Apple.

CRM brings companies closer to their customers. There are many CRM database management services available in the marketplace and choosing the right solution for your business can sometimes be challenging. Markable Solutions has five tips for selecting the best CRM for your company:


  • Assess your business needs
  • Research all the CRM database management services for your business
  • Choose the CRM which can be fully customized
  • Select a cloud based CRM
  • Choose a good CRM implementation partner


It is crucial that you aware of some of the major causes leading to CRM implementation failure.


  • Poor planning, requirements, or goal analysis
  • Executives unable to gain visibility and a clear understanding of the company’s actual business practices
  • Complicated customization and integration
  • Lack of top management support


No matter how easy a software looks, it’s always a good idea to get some professional help – especially if you have limited resources. Markable solutions not only offers CRM implementation and management services, but also CRM consultation services to help you select the best CRM for your business.

Our CRM Implementation and CRM Database Management Services:

Markable Solutions offers a range of CRM services to help clients better their internal business processes and better service their clients. Here is our CRM implementation and management process:

CRM Evaluation and Selection:

We start with understanding your current business needs which includes marketing, sales and customer service. We then evaluate all the CRM solutions available on the market and help you select the best-fit CRM.

Customization and Integration:

Once we help you select the right solution, we start the CRM customization process in which we try to tailor the functionalities and reports as necessary for end users and management. We also help you integrate other marketing and sales tools which are compatible with the selected CRM.

Implementation and Training:

Upon implementation we start training your team and top management to make sure that the CRM is being used to its fullest.

Campaigns and Lead Management:

We then help you seamlessly manage your marketing and sales campaigns and lead lifecycle management on CRM.

Database Cleansing and Validation:

CRM data cleansing and validation is an inevitable process towards achieving customer relationship management success.

Customer Database Validation Services and B2B Lead Management:

We provide under our List-to-Lead offering are also an important part of our customer relationship management approach.

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