Back Office Support Services

Back Office Support Services

How do startups working from home offices get the support that they need? Are they hiring staff for the countless task they need done? Are they able to find a “jack of all trades” who helps them with research, marketing, content writing, executive calendar management, sales and marketing support, customer services, and more?

Importance of Back-Office Support

Good back-office support is important for a company to grow, but startups can sometimes struggle with this. Due to their limited resources and staff, startups often employ people and expect them to be multi-talented, swapping between functions as diverse as logistics, accounting, and web design. But in this day and age of super specialization, even back office support comes with expertise. It is hard for one person to be good at everything.

What’s a new company to do? Hire a company that offers a seamless back-office support service. That is why using the expertise of a back-office support service company has become so essential for startups seeking growth.

According to Deloitte’s 2020 Global Outsourcing Survey

Around 70% of business leaders stated that outsourcing was used as a cost-cutting tool, in “the uncertain economic environment switching the focus back to the numbers.”

40% revealed that outsourcing provided the organizational flexibility needed to deal with the changes felt by the pandemic, remote work, and fast-paced digitalization.

Meanwhile, Clutch’s 2019 Small Business BPO Survey revealed that the most commonly outsourced services are

  • IT services (37%)
  • Digital marketing (34%)
  • Development (28%)
  • Human Resources (24%)
  • Customer Support (24%)
The Philippines – An Industry Leader in Outsourcing

The Philippines is definitely an industry leader in outsourcing and its customer service culture is unbeatable. These statistics provide a greater view of the Filipino workforce’s excellence:

English Proficiency – English is one of the official languages in the Philippines, with almost 60 million English speakers. In fact, the Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world.

High Standard of Education – In 2019, the Philippines had a 91.6% literacy rate which means it has a high standard of education with more than 680,000 people graduating from university each year.

Cultural Compatibility – Colonized by the Americans with a 90% Christian population, the Philippines has a very “westernized” culture. That is why working with Filipinos is almost identical to working with Australians or Americans.

Growing GDP – The Philippines has one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia, going up to 6.0% GDP in 2019. Its BPO sector generated over $22 billion in revenue, accounting for 7.3% of the Philippine economy.

Strong BPO Industry – Based on the Growth Forecast Executive Summary released by IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), the Philippines’ BPO industry has the potential to grow by 4% from 2019 to 2022. The revenue growth, meanwhile, is also expected to increase by 4%.

Government Support – The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) supports foreign investors to set up BPO companies in the Philippines by giving them incentives.

Outsourcing Back-Office Support Services in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the leading countries that has a great way of establishing and streamlining a customizable range of back-office functions. Most startups choose the Philippines to outsource their back-office functions for the following reasons:

Access to Experts

Back-office outsourcing enables startups to have access to highly-skilled people equipped to provide quality services while using the most up-to-date technological resources. These professionals know how to utilize the necessary tools needed in the industry they work in. This is possible because an outsourced back-office support company in the Philippines tends to hire qualified people for specific roles, and then provide extensive in-house training and seminars.

Focus on their core competencies

Outsourcing back-office functions in the Philippines allows startups to focus on their core competencies. While the management team can focus on the core areas of their business, their outsourcing partners can focus on back-office support.


An outsourced back-office support company in the Philippines can handle the hiring and training process for back-office operations. Moreover, partnering with an outsourcing back-office support service company can be scalable, so you can add more back-office functions as you needed.

Time and Cost-Efficiency

Back-office functions can be quite costly because of overhead expenses for facilities, tools, and technological resources (applications, programs, and, software). By outsourcing to the Philippines, back-office operations can be both time and cost-efficient. Back-office support service companies can provide the facilities, equipment (such as computers, accessories, and internet providers), and the hiring process (i.e., training).

Work ethic and values

Customer-service excellence is one of the greatest assets of Filipino workers. Many factors, including embedded cultural aspects as well as more recent interactions, have helped establish a strong service industry.

Markable Solutions Back-Office Support Services

Markable Solutions provides back-office support services for startups that require assistance with their back offices. We have a well-trained team composed of professionals who are trained to support organizational and auxiliary processes. Let us help you with your administrative activities so that you can focus on the core operations of your company.

We offer a range of back-office functions such as:

Business Support

Whether you’re looking for practical ways to enhance your transaction processing, or simply wish to organize your daily business dealings, our back-office business support solutions are perfect for your needs.


We provide administrative and personal assistance tasks such as monitoring and drafting emails, organizing and planning business meetings and travel itinerary, and other ways to improve our client’s administrative processes.

Markable Solutions’ order fulfillment services can help businesses improve their receiving, processing, and delivering orders to end customers. Our back-office support team has the ability to effectively handle fulfillment operations even on intensive occasions.

Our transaction processing services include ordering, organizing, submitting, and completing all of the steps in transactional processing, regardless of the kind of transactions that our clients carry out and assure that all of their transactions are error-free and well-organized.

Markable Solutions provides omnichannel support in 24+ languages, available 24/7 is everything our clients need to provide a delightful customer experience. Our client services can also help businesses improve their customer services and establish better customer relationship.

Our back-office support team can run through thousands of web pages to research and gather relevant information to help our clients scale their businesses. Our extensive online research experience can maximize our clients’ full potential. Markable Solutions also offers consumer survey services to help businesses survey their customers to get all of the relevant information they need and document it in a format of their specifications.

Markable Solutions can help businesses showcase their product and service offerings to customers and build a stable online platform to boost sales and revenue.

Data Support

Managing data is one of the most challenging back-office functions as it requires more time and effort from your in-house teams. Data Support include database management, data entry, data mining, and data processing.

Markable Solutions provides accurate processing and management of raw data on a regular and prompt basis to ensure that our clients can devote its valuable time to more mission-critical tasks. Our highly-skilled database building & cleaning team can create a well-designed database so all of the data are presented in a clear manner while following all of the formatting requirements.

Markable Solutions offers accurate professional data entry services to help our clients digitize and safeguard all of their records so they focus on their core competencies and achieve business success.

Markable Solutions top-of-the-line back-office support teams can effectively extract relevant data from our client’ several sources and processing it to an easily comprehendible and convenient manner to access digital format.

Our back-office team have the knowledge and techniques to effortlessly process voluminous quantities of data and deliver valuable insights to our clients, to be used for analysis and marketing and sales campaigns.

B2B Marketing Support

Our back office support services team can also help businesses upgrade their B2B marketing functions such as lead management, digital marketing, social media monitoring, and many more.

Markable Solutions offers end-to-end B2B lead generation services and ensures a consistent flow of (hot) sales-ready leads for a business’ salesforce using an integrated marketing approach.

We provide our clients with a selling model that works in a service environment, while developing their customer experience to give them a competitive edge.

We design a comprehensive digital marketing strategy based on our client’s marketing goals and budget. We also analyze their competitors, current brand reputation, past metrics for website traffic, lead conversion, CTR, etc.

From SEO articles and website content to internal process manuals and e-commerce descriptions, Markable Solutions builds a team of creative and/or technical writers to make sure our clients are well represented in this back-office function. Markable Solutions can also help companies moderate all of their blog postings by providing them with either one or a team of content moderators depending on their needs.

We can help businesses monitor all of their social media platforms to make sure that their customers are always up to date about their latest postings.

Our back-office support team are the experts in building and optimizing websites that give desired results. We can create responsive web designs, one-pager – landing pages for marketing campaigns, or mobile websites.

Markable Solutions offers unlimited tagging to help associate products with related terms that users might query in a business website’s search box. Our dedicated team are skilled at using a wide variety of photo editing software and will make sure that each image meets our clients’ exact specifications.

Privacy and Security are our two passions. Efficiency is our password. Looking forward to your story. I know we can help you grow by leaps and bounds.

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