Back Office Support Services

Back office support services


Back Office Support Services – How are small businesses working from home offices get the support that they need? Are they hiring staff to help them with it? How are new fledgling startups able to get back office support? Are they able to find a “jack of all trades” who helps them with research, marketing, content writing, executive calendar management, sales and marketing support, customer services, and more?


Good back office support is important for a company to grow, but startups can sometimes struggle with this. Due to their limited resources and staff, startups often employ people and expect them to be a “jack of all trades”, swapping between functions as diverse as logistics, accounting, and web design. But in this day and age of super specialization, even back office support come with expertise. It is hard for them to be good at everything.


What’s a new company to do? Hire a company that offers a seamless That is why using the expertise of a back-office support service company has become so essential for startups seeking growth.


According to Deloitte’s 2020 Global Outsourcing Survey, around 70% of business leaders stated that outsourcing was used as a cost-cutting tool, with “the uncertain economic environment switching the focus back to the numbers”, while 40% revealed that outsourcing provided the organizational flexibility to deal with the changes felt by the pandemic; remote work and fast-paced digitization.


Why Outsource Back Office Support Services in the Philippines?


The Philippines is one of the leading countries that has a great way of establishing and streamlining a customization range of back office functions. Most startups choose the Philippines to outsource their back-office functions for the following reasons:


Access to Experts – Back office outsourcing enables startups to have access to highly-skilled people equipped to provide quality services while using the most up-to-date technological resources. These professionals know how to utilize the necessary tools needed in the industry they work in. This is possible because an outsourced back-office support service company in the Philippines tends to hire qualified people for specific roles, and then provide extensive in-house training and seminars.


Focus on their core competencies – Outsourcing back office functions in the Philippines allows startups to focus on their core competencies. While the management team can focus on the core areas of their business, their outsourcing partners can focus on back-office support.


Scalable – An outsourced back-office support company in the Philippines can handle the hiring and training process for back-office operations. Moreover, partnering with an outsourcing back-office support service company can be scalable, so you can add more back-office functions as you needed.


Time and Cost-Efficiency – Back-office functions can be quite costly because of overhead expenses for facilities, tools, and technological resources (applications, programs, and, software). By outsourcing to the Philippines, back-office operations can be both time and cost-efficient. Back-office support service companies can provide the facilities, equipment (such as computers, accessories, and internet providers), and the hiring process (i.e., training).


Markable Solutions Back Office Support Services


Markable Solutions provides back office support services for startups that require assistance with their back offices. We have a well-trained team composed of professionals who are trained to support organizational and auxiliary processes. Let us help you with your administrative activities so that you can focus on the core operations of your company.


We offer a range of back office functions such as:

  • B2B Lead Generation

Markable Solutions offers end-to-end B2B lead generation services and ensures a consistent flow of (hot) sales-ready leads for your salesforce using an integrated marketing approach.


  • Catalog Management

Markable Solutions can showcase your product and service offerings to customers and build a stable online platform to boost sales and revenue.


  • Content Creation

From SEO articles and website content to internal process manuals and e-commerce descriptions, Markable Solutions builds a team of creative and/or technical writers to make sure your company is well represented in this back-office function.


  • Customer Support Services

Markable Solutions provides multi channel support in 24+ languages, available 24/7 is everything you need to provide a delightful customer experience.


  • Data Management

Markable Solutions provides accurate processing and management of raw data on a regular and prompt basis to ensure that your company can devote its valuable time to more mission-critical tasks.


  • Digital Marketing

Markable Solutions designs a comprehensive digital marketing strategy based on your marketing goals and budget. We also analyze your competitors, current brand reputation, past metrics for website traffic, lead conversion, CTR, etc.


  • Web Development

Markable Solutions are the experts in building and optimizing websites that give desired results. We can create responsive web designs, one-pager – landing pages for marketing campaigns, or mobile websites with the help of our designers who create intuitive and user-friendly websites.


Privacy and Security are our two passions. Efficiency is our password. Looking forward to your story. I know we can help you grow by leaps and bounds.