Prospect List Development

The foundation of any successful marketing campaign depends on the availability of a targeted list of contacts. Markable Solutions offers complete B2B prospect list development and database marketing services. We help steer successful marketing campaigns by developing customized prospect databases, including all the attributes that you require, including verified mailing addresses, phone numbers, titles and email ids.If your marketing team is facing any of the following challenges with database marketing campaigns, then custom prospect list development is the best solution for you:

  • Poor ROI on marketing campaigns
  • Inability to target your offerings to the right segment
  • Failure to manage/update prospect database regularly
  • Incorrect and ineffective purchased prospect lists
  • Targeting a niche market segment

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A precise list of targeted opt-in prospects is critical to effective marketing and sales. This is because more and more B2B companies are opting for digital marketing initiatives for which targeted contacts are a required. With the near obsession with large lists, marketers are neglecting quality for quantity which can be dangerous. As per a recent study by DemandGen, dirty prospect database can impact 80% of your lead generation efforts.Our B2B Prospect List Development Process:

Markable Solutions helps you jump start your prospecting initiatives by working with your marketing/sales team to specifically understand campaign requirements, to closely study your target market and to develop a targeted lists of relevant companies that your sales team can pursue.Here are some important questions to consider before you start developing a highly targeted B2B prospect list.

  • What are your campaign objectives?
  • Who is your target? – Market, Geography and Decision Makers
  • What is your prospect list development budget?
  • How will you measure ROI?

Once you approve the thoroughly scanned company/account list, our agents (primary and secondary researchers) search multiple online databases sources to develop a contact list of targeted prospects. Our tele-calling team then validates the detailed contact information, including company name, contact name, title, address, telephone number and e-mail address, industry, SIC code, and revenue.

Why Choose Markable Solutions for B2B Prospect Email Database?

  • For custom target prospect list development, our rates are highly competitive.
  • Markable Solutions frees up your inside sales team for prospecting rather than contact list development.
  • A targeted prospect list increases the chances of getting quality leads & thereby shortening the sales cycle.
  • Database Marketing is our forte & our expert prospect database development team is our pride.

Our prospect database development team includes:

  • Researchers who effectively perform primary & secondary research to develop & validate databases.
  • Tele-callers execute “live, voice-to-voice” contact validation & verification over phone.
  • Project managers who can efficiently manage your prospect database development projects.

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