B2B Lead Generation

Companies looking to supplement their in house B2B lead generation efforts have several options available to them, Buying B2B prospect lists from vendors, to outsourcing the tele-calling effort for qualify marketing leads and setting-up appointments. But all these B2B lead generation services can’t work until your email lists and telemarketing activities are incorporated into your lead nurturing and management strategy. Markable Solutions offers end-to-end “B2B lead generation servicesand ensures a consistent flow of (hot) sales-ready leads for your Salesforce using an integrated marketing approach.

We can help you overcome following demand generation challenges:

Inability to building/implement B2B lead generation strategy
Incompetent/no team to generate leads
Low quality marketing leads
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Inbound Vs Outbound: Create the B2B Lead Generation Mix

Inbound marketing is all about being “found by the customer” while outbound marketing focuses on “hunting customers”. Inbound marketing these days has become a core lead generation strategy for SMBs. As per a detailed study by Hubspot, 3 out of 4 marketers across the globe prioritize an inbound approach to marketing. Primarily because outbound leads cost on an average 61% more than inbound leads.

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Outbound Vs Inbound B2B Lead Generation Services

While inbound marketing has a good success rate, the hype that only inbound is enough is false. You need to create a proper “lead generation mix by using an array of outbound campaigns complemented by tele-marketing and inbound activities.

Our B2B Lead Generation Services Process:

Markable Solutions helps you boost your “B2B lead generation” process and optimize your lead quality through the following steps:

b2b lead generation service process

Consultation and training

By consulting your marketing and sales team, we can understand your requirements and target market. Our business development executives conduct detailed research on your offerings and competition. A series of training and mock-call sessions are then organized with your sales team to better understand your products/services.

Lead Capture

Our team can work on cold-calling campaigns or follow-up on event attendees, email campaign openers/responses, whitepaper/other resources download leads, leads from social sites etc. Captured leads are further qualified by asking qualifying questions.

B2B Nurturing and scoring

Leads that are not ready for a hands-off to sales are directed to the nurturing bucket. These leads are scored on the basis of their quality and segmented to various sales funnels. Lead scoring is based on lead account size, requirements/needs, prospect behavior, budget availability, etc. Scored leads are carefully nurtured with proper messaging, offers and collateral.

B2B Appointment setting and hand-off to sales

Sales ready leads are forwarded to sales with set appointments and detailed lead reports.


Regular feedback is taken from the sales team to evaluate the process and quality of leads and further changes are made, if necessary.

Why Select Markable Solutions as your B2B Lead Generation Company for Appointment Setting?

    • Our B2B appointment setting pricing is very economical. Clients can choose to pay either by the number of lead/appointment set or by an hourly pricing method.


    • Outsourcing business lead generation alludes to the need to hire inside sales team in-house: saving you the hassles of hiring, training, & management expenses. If you do have an in-house inside sales team, we help them save time.


    • A quality lead has better chances of closure & thereby shortening your sales cycle.
b2b lead generation services

B2B Lead Generation Services

  • Researchers & tele-callers that can create validated and targeted prospect lists for your lead generation campaigns.
  • Business development executives to qualify your marketing leads, pitch your offerings to your prospects & set up appointments.
  • Project managers to administer your lead generation campaigns.

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