Markable Solutions helps you build, publish and manage surveys (online and offline) with professional research management to suit your strategic needs. We offer customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, feedback and employee satisfaction/engagement surveys to B2B companies. Our survey services include questionnaire writing, survey hosting on apt survey tool, database segmentation and management, survey execution, data collection and analysis, and survey report writing.

Markable Solutions offers strategic survey services that helps you:

  • Track customer service performance and better segment the customer base – activities, opinion and interests
  • Market analysis for new products
  • Track and measure employee engagement and satisfaction

Survey Management: Where things can go wrong?

A lot of things have to happen to build an effective survey process. However, there is a lot that can go wrong through the way. Listed here are some of the major reasons why surveys fail.

  • Inaccurate database –By far the worst thing that can go wrong with any survey is having incorrect data in your database especially email addresses and names


  • Lengthy route – If your survey is too lengthy you can easily lose the traction


  • Over-surveying– Asking too many questions can irritate your target participants


  • Dilemma of being marked as spam – If the participants are anxious about the legitimacy of your survey emails then they will most probably mark it as spam


  • Phone barrier – Phone surveys have an entirely different set of challenges which includes interviewer’s language, empathy and accents, spontaneity and time management


  • Irrelevant or wrong timing – Irrelevant questions or late feedback surveys can never give the desired results


  • Reporting for dummies– The whole feedback gathering process is pointless if the reports are ignored by the management

 Our Survey Process:

Survey is a wonderful approach to show your customers/employees that you really care. Surveys when executed correctly gives you an extra edge over your competition. Markable Solutions offers an experienced team of researchers, tele-callers and campaign managers who can efficiently manage every aspect of your survey project. We offer the following survey services:


  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys
  • Customer opinion surveys
  • Product market analysis or evaluation surveys
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction surveys

Here is our standard survey management process:

  • Consultation
  • Defining goals and selecting survey methodology
  • Writing survey questions
  • Database segmentation and list management
  • Campaign set-up on survey tool
  • Survey Services
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Report writing

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