Marketing Automation Services

Marketing Automation Services

Marketing automation (MA) is a technology whose objective is to automate repetitive marketing activities and the related tasks of monitoring and measuring results. These marketing activities includes email campaigns, social media marketing, website management; making those activities easier to execute. Markable Solutions supports you with your marketing automation needs from MA solution selection, implementation, training, 3rd party tools integration, multi-channel campaign set-up and management, lead scoring & nurturing, reporting and analytics. We have expertise in managing various types of marketing automation solutions including Marketo, Leadformix, Pardot, etc.

Markable Solutions offers optimized marketing automation solution to:
  • Automate and simplify day-to-day tedious marketing activities
  • Streamline and automate the scoring and nurturing process
  • Optimize lead lifecycle management
  • Manage customer/prospect database

Dos and Don’ts of Marketing Automation

Okay, so you have analyzed the right MA solution for your organization, done the purchase and now you are even done with the execution. Next step would be to set the campaigns, but before you do that let’s go through a few marketing automation dos and don’ts.

Dos of Marketing Automation

  • Do set realistic MA goals
  • Do execute targeted campaigns through database segmentation
  • Do database cleansing and validation before campaign execution
  • Do use lead nurturing features to automate the prospect engagement campaigns
  • Do set-up a quick follow-up team

Don’ts of Marketing Automation

  • Don’t think marketing automation solutions will create content for marketing campaigns for you
  • Don’t overlook anything that can be automated or automate everything (even incorrect) that comes your way
  • Don’t do mass email blasts through your marketing automation solution

Our Marketing Automation Process:

The use of marketing automation makes simple processes that you normally would have executed manually, much more efficient. Not only this, marketing automation solution nurtures your prospects and customers thereby converts prospects into customers and customers into happy customers. MA solution when properly implemented provides an excellent return on the investment. Listed below is our marketing automation process:


We start by evaluating your current lead generation process and setting scoring and nurturing parameters. Once we collect the end-user requirements only then do we evaluate and select the right MA solution for your organization making sure it is fits in with your business goals.

Customization and Implementation:

Before implementation we analyze your customization requirements and identify the CRM and other tools that need integration support. We help develop a robust scoring and nurturing strategy. Upon implementation of your MA solution we begin the database validation process.

Campaign Management and Reporting:

This is an ongoing process in which we design trigger-based nurturing campaigns for your many segmented databases. We also help you in lead management and tele-qualification. Every campaign is regularly reviewed and improve das required. We evaluate campaign success rates so that future campaigns can be optimized for better results.

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