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Markable Solutions stands out as a professional telemarketing company with 15 years of experience in the industry. What sets us apart is our strong team of trained and experienced telemarketers who leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver impeccable results. Try our tele-calling services. 

Our team is dedicated to delivering high customer satisfaction and ensuring a quick onboarding process to accelerate your business growth. We excel at identifying the prospect’s pain points, delivering value with meaningful conversations, and capturing their interest in your products and services, all of which can significantly augment business growth.

Boost your lead generation process with verified opt-in contacts and reach your target audience with cold calling with our house-trained team.

Our data-driven tele-calling services are not just about identifying the blind spots in your lead identification and nurturing process. They are about direct communication with your prospects, providing you with valuable insights into what your prospects want and helping you build long-term relationships that can drive your business forward. 


Maximize ROI with Tech-driven Telemarketing Services

Opt-in contacts in your Sales Funnel

Achieve your lead generation goals with our professional telemarketing services. Our team identifies high-quality leads and hands over verified opt-in contacts to let you close more deals.

24x7 Availability

Benefit from our omnipresence - our global team is ready to service you 24x7x365. The team handles large call volumes efficiently. With the right mix of human expertise and emerging technologies, we’ll transform your customer engagement process.

Flexible Pricing

Outsource telemarketing services at a budget-friendly price. We support business growth by offering a flexible pricing model that companies can easily accommodate in their budget. Capture untapped potential markets and gain a strong foothold in the existing ones cost-effectively.

Compliant Telemarketing Services

Prioritize your data privacy and security. At Markable Solutions we adhere to the highest standards of B2B telemarketing compliance. Our transparent practices give you the confidence to choose us as your trusted telemarketing partner.

Maximize conversions with Telemarketing services.

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“One of the lead responses was a positive approach. It was on point with what I expected. I don’t know which rep that was, but she knew her thing.”

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