Reshma Nigam CEO & President, Markable Solutions

Markable, reflects Reshma’s vision of bringing a human touch to marketing programs, digital marketing and marketing automation. Markable Solutions’ services which used by organizations from startups to F500 companies, are designed to help Marketing achieve its goals of generating leads and supporting Sales. As Founder and President, Reshma keeps ahead of the curve with the changing sales and marketing environment, bringing the latest marketing services to her clients – from direct mail in the early years to the latest in digital marketing today.

Reshma started Markable with the clear goal of delivering high quality opportunity identification services to high tech clients and quickly built an enviable list of clients. Previously, she founded aMarketForce a marketing services company and ran it for 12 years. She also was Vice President of Medical Market Research at Frost and Sullivan and Director of Marketing Operations at RightWorks.

A frequent speaker at Marketing events, Reshma is a known expert on digital marketing. She is on the Global Leadership Council at Lucas College and Graduate School of Business, San Jose State University and enjoys hiking, reading and the movies.

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