Strategic Marketing Services

Strategic Marketing Services
Strategic Marketing – Third Eye and Ear

A smart company edges out of the competition by capitalising on its strength to consistently offer better value to its customer base. B2B companies think strategically to build a marketing plan to better reach and satisfy customers while increasing efficiency and profitability.
Markable Solutions can successfully overcome the following marketing challenges:

  • Struggle in developing market entry strategies
  • Analysing and thriving on competitive advantage
  • Segmenting customer base – activities, opinion and interests

Do I Really Need the Third Eye and Ear? – Why Outsource the Research Process

Outsource the ResearchConducting market research is one of the best ways to determine what your customer base needs or wants and how they behave, whether they harmonize to you or your competitors’ marketing efforts.Today”s consumer is showing a reasonable amount of interest through promotional advertisements (both online and offline), hence data has been growing and impacting marketing efforts. This has triggered marketing leaders to broadly understand their customers, latent markets and competitors. This is when outsourcing comes into the picture. A third-party research company like Markable Solutions can become the much needed third eye and ear of your marketing department by conducting marketing research on your behalf and compiling the data so you can take the strategic decisions needed to take your company forward.

Listed are some of the major reasons why you should be outsourcing your research process.

  • Being in control – Focus on your strengths
  • Being efficient – Save time and resources
  • Inability to manage everything in-house
  • Third party view – Unbiased findings
  • Access to advanced technologies
  • Faster data acquisition
  • Varied Talent Pool – Expert Research Team
  • High- quality reports for management

Our Strategic Research Process

Strategic Marketing Research

Our Strategic Marketing Solution:

Markable Solutions offers both primary and secondary market research services using verified qualitative and quantitative research methods. Our intelligence services helps our clients design and develop effective marketing strategies to successfully promote their offering to a diversified customer base. Our services gives you an edge over your competition. Our strategic marketing solution includes the following major offerings:

  • Market and Competitive Intelligence
  • Survey Services
Market and Competitive Intelligence - Strategic Marketing Services

Market and Competitive Intelligence

Markable solutions covers wide range of intelligence offerings including market analysis – market entry and expansion studies, competitor analysis, substitute products (or services) analysis, market growth trends and predictions, B2B branding research, customer segmentation research, etc. You can use our intelligence services to comprehend your target market and competitors better than ever before.

Survey Services -Strategic Marketing Services

Survey Services

Markable Solutions helps you create, publish and manage surveys (online and offline) with expert research guidance to fit your unique strategic needs. We offer customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and feedback surveys to B2B companies. Our research services include questionnaire writing, survey hosting on suitable survey tool, survey management, data collection and analysis, and report writing.

Strategic Marketing Case Study

Client: A small Silicon Valley high tech start-up.
Our role and deliverables: Our client had a new product in development. The product was new and the client had some ideas on how to position it, but was not sure of industry reaction to the features offered and how to price the product. After much debate much of it based on the opinion of internal company beliefs and preconceived opinions, it was decided that they would seek outside help in conducting a market research project. They approached Markable Solutions for developing the strategy. Our team of experts proposed a plan that would entail an email survey of decision-makers using online survey software.

Strategic Marketing Services - Case Study
Markable Solutions first generated a list of suitable contacts approved by the client. Simultaneously, our market research team developed a set of well worded questions suited to eliciting the responses required by the company. The questions seeked prospect opinions on product features, benefits, expectations, comparisons with similar products on the market, and most importantly, on price expectations.
After a few iterations between us and the client the questionnaire was finalized and the survey was conducted using the newly developed list generated by us. Results poured in, but there were not enough responses to make any judgements. Markable Solutions team of telecallers were deployed to follow up with the non-responders and get enough surveys answered so that data analysis would be meaningful. Again, using the targeted list the telecallers got the requisite number of responses needed.

Data was analyzed, graphed and presented to the client. Client was able to take meaningful decisions on how to position the product, what features to include and what to delete, what messaging would resonate best with industry and how to price the product.
series of blogs, articles, white papers and online discussion groups. With input from the client’s technology and marketing teams, we generated content that was used for creating an online buzz. We followed this content creation phase with a syndication phase where thousands of prospects were contacted for downloading content we had created for our client. The awareness that followed created the impact that the company desperately needed after the product launch.