Markable Solutions’ ABM Insights Data Dashboard Helps Global ABM Services and Technology Agency Accomplish Their Data Intelligence Projects

A global ABM services and technology agency aspired to make account-centric marketing the best practice for enterprise marketers everywhere. The company consists of strategists, creators, analysts, inventors, data scientists, and developers who thrive on their clients’ success. This highly specialized agency takes pride in working with some of the largest and most interesting B2B brands in the world.

As their impact on the global B2B industry is growing, the company wants to have a back-office support provider who can help them accomplish their data intelligence projects. They decided to outsource the work with Markable Solutions in order for this global ABM services and technology agency to focus on their core competencies.

Our Approach

After evaluating of their back-office concerns, Markable Solutions formulated a solution called – ABM Insights Data Dashboard a ‘data indicator’ that can analyze company-level information. We augment this by adding contacts associated with each named account. Having powerful insights like these helps the company strategist and make data-driven decisions on how to approach each account from an ABM perspective.

Our data teams are able to capture triggers (Sets of Keywords) based on what the prospects are actively researching, publicly posted buying patterns (e.g. we can go back 3-12 months), pain points, C-Level, Lower level Decision Makers, and Influences, and many other trending topics related to these targeted companies.

We have in-house technology to aggregate publicly available information and we have a data team that clusters and categorizes the data, which we use as our starting point to formulate these “ABM Insights Data Dashboard”. All information is derived through primary and secondary researched data and if there are highly specific requirements, we also have a specialized profiling team that can obtain insights through Custom Surveys.


With our ABM Insights Data Dashboard, this global ABM services and technology agency is able to accomplish their data mapping and data intelligence projects. Our back-office team ensures that all of their tasks are done according to their demands and needs. We have also built a good working relationship with their in-house teams working as their back office support and we are happy to be part of their business journey.

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