Markable Solutions Asserts Digital Presence for a Large Multinational on New Product Launch through Content Marketing Strategy

Problem Facing Client:

A large multinational client had newly launched a product. Content had historically been created in-house, but with an internal resource crunch and a budget crisis, they were at their wits end. The market demanded new content daily to support its product introduction, competitors were gaining a digital advantage yet internally, the company did not see an end to its predicament. Despite the resource and financial problems, the company had to produce content, they knew they had to move forward.

The Markable Solutions:

They approached Markable Solutions for developing a content strategy. In this digital age, in order to make an impact, a company has to produce a continuous stream of relevant content to feed the SEO machine. After evaluating the product and the reviewing the existing content, our team of experts realized that the company had a long way to go in terms of meeting the content required to satisfy its SEO team. Markable Solutions proposed a series of blogs, articles, white papers and the formation of online discussion groups, LinkedIn and fan clubs.

The client’s internal marketing team and their content team offered complete visibility into their process and their SEO needs. Taking that into account, after several iterations to perfect the process, and with frequent input from the client’s technology and marketing teams, Markable Solutions generated a report listing in detail the content, delivery dates and the team responsible for creating the required content.

After the client’s buy-in, Markable Solutions’ team of experts spent time becoming familiar with the product and started the process of producing and delivering the required content. The client’s SEO team with help from marketing rapidly deployed the newly generated content on their website and created an awesome online buzz.

We followed this content creation phase with a syndication phase where thousands of prospects were contacted for downloading the content we had created for the client.


The awareness that followed created the impact that the company desperately needed for the product launch. Interest in the company’s product increased, more sales inquires poured in and the client was happy that the increased online activity resulted in more visibility for the company and its other products as well.

Markable Solutions was rewarded with more work and the client continues to be a valued customer!

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