Markable Solutions Delivers Database Management and Event Marketing Services to a Leading Technology-Focused Media Company

Problem Facing Client:

The client is a large media company that runs several online magazines with a large readership. They have large communities of committed readers who are routinely invited to events organized by the media company. The client’s challenge is to manage a huge database and to ensure that a person is invited for events relevant to them. The database was so outdated and old that it was difficult to figure out who had been invited to what event and who had attended what event.

The client’s business had grown so much that they could no longer handle the difficult job of recruiting participants for their multiple events. It was time for them to look into outsourcing that effort.

The Markable Solutions:

Since Markable Solutions has excellent experience with database development validation, our team was called in to evaluate the client’s database and to scrub the information. Our team analyzed each contact for the accuracy of their contact information. Everything that was incorrect was appended and missing information was updated. The project was so large, that by the time we were done, it was time to start updating the information again. Because the company produces several events a month, there is continuous data pouring in and all of it has to be first checked for accuracy and only then entered into the database.

It became quickly clear that this would have to be a continuous process as the client was very keen to use a clean and accurate database for it marketing campaigns. Markable Solutions was up to the challenge and now the clients data is continuously cleaned and updated.

Since Markable Solutions is known for its excellent and results oriented tele-callers, it was natural for the client to select us as their event recruitment vendor. This way we update the database, generate new contacts as required by the event, do the tele-calling to promote and enrol participants for the event and are responsible for later updating the database with the new contacts acquired during the event.

Despite the immensity of the project, we have had excellent results in successfully managing the client’s ever-growing database and engaging with thousands of participants who routinely attend the their events.


The client trusts Markable Solutions to deliver participants at their events. They are able to concentrate on more strategic matters knowing that Markable Solutions will augment and maintain their huge database as well as be responsible for recruitment at events.  They are able to rest assured that we will continue to work as partners with them in this endeavour.

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