Markable Solutions Elevates a Demand Generation Company’s Back-Office Support

A demand generation company provides different services for the high-tech industry in the United States. This company partners with chief executives and business owners to help startups grow their revenue. This demand generation company has assisted hundreds of companies with their strategy, marketing, and sale.

As the company handles different companies, they need some help in improving their back-office functions such as customer support, lead management, digital marketing, data management, and web maintenance. This demand generation company trusted Markable Solutions to help them with their numerous back-office tasks.

Our Approach

Markable Solutions serves as the back-office team of this demand generation company. We help them with their ongoing projects such as outbound lead generation, customer support, toll-free call support, survey setup, PPT of results from marketing activities, market research, and analysis, company profiling, contact list development, data hygiene, website maintenance such as reloading webpages, designing pages, content creation, email campaigns, and data entry. Moreover, our back-office team also provides these services to their clients.

Our back-office team assigned to this demand generation company is composed of professionals who can handle intensive and challenging tasks. In that way, this demand generation company is assured that all of their back-office functions are executed to the best of our team’s abilities even in challenging situations.


Our collaboration with this demand generation company has been both amazing and fulfilling. Not only do we build a good relationship with their in-house team but we also take pride in maintaining an excellent back-office operation. This demand generation company can now focus on developing new ideas on how to stay on top of their competition. We’re happy to see this demand generation company evolve and achieve their business success.

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