Markable Solutions Helps a Digital Therapeutics Company Upgrade Their Back-Office Functions

Client is a digital therapeutics company dedicated to discovering, developing, and delivering precision nutrition, lifestyle, prebiotic, and probiotics based therapies based on host genetics and gut microbiome. They are making chronic lifestyle and inflammatory illnesses optional – obesity, digestive disorders, mental health, MSK chronic pain, and insulin-regulated.

This digital therapeutics company has various back-office needs such as Human Resources, Workforce Management, Payroll, etc. As the company continues to grow and foster, they need help with back-office tasks so they can focus on their core competencies. Luckily, they contacted Markable Solutions to handle their back-office operations.

Our Approach:

Markable Solutions immediately responded to their back-office requirements. We provide a highly skilled team supporting them with dieticians, nutritionists, HR, inside sales, customer service, and marketing outreach including through LinkedIn. Markable Solutions decided to employ three different teams of experts fulfilling these back-office functions for this digital therapeutics company. We make sure that each of their back-office functions is handled by experts and professionals who are trained to execute intensive tasks effectively.

Our back-office team also works during US hours as an extension of their in-house team. In that way, not only they can contact us for any needs, their back-office team can also respond to them immediately. We also monitor the performance of the back-office team assigned to their company to make sure that we are providing high-quality performance at all times.


Markable Solutions has helped them flourish because they are not bogged down with the hiring, firing, expanding of groups, management, and payroll, etc. Our back-office team has allowed them to focus on their core product offering and their company growth.

This digital therapeutics company has been our client for the past two years.

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