Markable Solutions Re-positions Brand for a Technology-Focused Venture Capital Firm Using Social Media Marketing

Problem Facing Client:

A premier venture capital firm wanted to raise awareness about its company and brand their pioneer investor. It was difficult for them to do so internally as the company’s focus was mostly on investing and there was no marketing department to handle this need. Having tried several seasoned marketing firms and being disillusioned, they approached Markable Solutions.

The Markable Solutions:

The process of branding is tedious one. Results take six month or more to be realized and therefore one can spend months working on ideas that yield nothing positive. It was important to do something innovative that would create an online buzz. We began with studying the VC firm’s goals and working with their team, we developed a plan that would use digital tools to promote the company and the investor. The VC firm’s target were early stage technology startups and young entrepreneurs. Once our plan of action was approved by the firm, we started on the promotional campaign using social media and other means.

Our strategy that paid off extremely well was to spend six months working diligently on a social campaign, primarily using Twitter and LinkedIn. Content creation is an important part of digital marketing and we developed a lot of marketing pieces that we used extensively on their own website as well as on popular discussion groups and sites. Blogs were our mainstay during this phase and we re-purposed many articles and marketing materials to generate blogs which were strategically placed through the net.


Despite the niche target audience, we succeeded in generating thousands of Twitter and LinkedIn followers for the investor and re-asserting brand value for the VC firm.  The client was very happy with the process and the results they realized. The Markable Solutions methodology was successfully validated.

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