Markable Solutions Rescues A Dental Company to Handle Their Customer Support

A dental company leverages its technology platform to develop products targeting largely unmet medical needs in oral care, ophthalmology, and dermatology. This company makes special toothpaste that prevents gum disease and has been selling their products over Amazon and their own website.

Since this dental company was growing fast, they wanted to have a reliable customer support team to help them with various orders, inquiries, random requests, follow-up on payments, etc. Customer support is one of the most challenging back-office tasks that many businesses face on a daily basis. That’s why this dental company decided to call Markable Solutions to help them overcome this growing concern.

Our Approach

Markable Solutions takes pride in providing the best back-office teams who can handle numerous customer support tasks seamlessly. We offer this dental company our top-of-the-line individuals who can handle their customer support tasks such as answering random requests and customer inquiries, as well as following up orders and payments.

Our team became an extension of their US team and works during US hours to serve their customers on time. We make sure that all of their customers’ questions and concerns are answered properly at all times so this dental company can focus on the other parts of their business operations.


Our customer support team has been helpful to this dental company. They can now focus on other business endeavors without worrying about their customer support tasks. Our team has been working really hard to maintain great relationships with their customers. We are glad to see their transformation and reach their full potential as a promising dental company.

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