Markable Solutions Transforms A Marketing Agency’s Back-Office Operations

A marketing agency in the healthcare industry that helps startups go to market with product launches. This company is known for driving efficiency and using data-driven decision-making, analytics, and the voice of the customer (VoC) to accelerate solution sales growth. This marketing agency has also built a successful record of leading and developing strong marketing, product marketing, marketing automation, and sales enablement teams to increase engagement, accountability, and results.

With the growing demands of their clients and focusing intensively on their core competencies, this marketing agency needs an upgrade on their other business operations specifically their back-office support. After noticing this concern, this marketing agency looks for the best back-office support service provider, and luckily, they reach out to Markable Solutions.

Our Approach

We first identified their main back-office concerns. After finding out that this marketing agency needs to improve their contact list building, data gathering, and analysis, we immediately assembled a group of professionals who can handle these demanding back-office concerns. Our back-office team collaborated with their in-house teams in order to maintain a smooth business operation even in challenging scenarios.

As our back-office team adapts to their needs, this marketing agency can focus on their core competencies and fulfill the demands of their growing clients. We make sure that our back-office team can provide effective contact list building, data gathering, and analysis.


Our relationship with this marketing agency continues to evolve and foster. Not only do we help them with their back-office operations but we make sure that our back-office team provides the best services to their company. Markable Solutions is happy to be part of their progress and we hope to see them achieve their business goals.

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