10 Reasons Why Live Chat Is the Most Powerful B2B Lead Generation Tool

10 Reasons Why Live Chat Is the Most Powerful B2B Lead Generation Tool

Live chat is commonly used to support sales or customer service activities. It can help businesses communicate directly with their prospective clients in real-time. But did you know that it can also be used as a powerful B2B lead generation strategy?


Live chat offers a direct line of communication to visitors. When people visit your website, it gives them a chance to ask any questions they may have in real-time. Live chats can turn your website into a “B2B lead generation” strategy to capture more leads and drive sales. Here are some of the statistics proving that live chats can generate leads:


  • A survey by Zopim Survey revealed that 94% of customers who were proactively invited to chat were somewhat or very satisfied with the experience.


  • According to a 2020 study done by Forester, live chat can produce more than a 40% increase in overall website conversion rates. That’s pretty substantial when you consider that on an average, only about 2% of website visitors become leads.


  • A study by the Live Chat Engagement Statistics confirmed that 42% of customers specified that this is their preferred way of leaving contact info, which makes it the top B2B lead generation


10 Reasons Why Live Chat Is the Most Powerful B2B Lead Generation Tool


As B2B companies work to keep customers informed, using live chat as a lead generation strategy, in addition to customer support, is one of the best multi-purpose tools your company can take advantage of. Here are the 10 reasons why live chat is the best B2B lead generation strategy:


Increase Conversion Rates

One of the key benefits of using live chat as a lead generation tool is that it helps B2B lead generation companies increase their conversion rates. Conversion improves because chat specialists work proactively to gather website visitors’ contact information. The average live chat response time is normally 11 seconds, compared to 2-3 hours for an email. Live chats can even connect customers live to the business’s sales team within seconds. It can also attract interested parties to your business and turn them into buyers. Live chats are immediate, driving much higher conversion rates.


Great Customer Satisfaction

Live chat is built with customers in mind. It eradicates many barriers associated with conventional sales and service channels. With its accessibility, convenience, speed, and 24/7 availability, it’s no surprise that people who use live chat report high levels of satisfaction. At 83%, live chat brags one of the highest customer satisfaction rates, according to a report released by Forbes. For B2B lead generation companies, using live chats can help them achieve great customer satisfaction.


Automate Sales Cycle

B2B lead generation companies are utilizing live chats to automate their sales funnel. Live chats can provide in-depth business data and information to sales prospects and pre-qualified leads by asking direct questions prepared by sales teams. The qualified leads are then prompted by the sales team for closing sales instantly or to schedule an appointment. By utilizing live chat, sales teams can easily monitor their prospects and convince them to buy their products and services instantly.


Reduced Expenses

Live chat is less expensive than a quality email provider and is a lot cheaper than phone support. According to a recent study from Forester, live chat is 17-30% cheaper than a phone call. This is because live chats enable your support or sales teams to multitask and assist several visitors at once. This live chat benefit, called chat concurrency, saves B2B lead generation companies a huge amount on personnel costs, as it enables a few live chat agents to serve the same number of customers as a larger team of phone support employees.


Leads Capture with Offline Form

The live chat lead generation process does not stop when the sales or support team is offline. Think about this, what if your visitors click on the live chat widget when your sales team is not available. For B2B lead generation companies, the most effective way not to let this lead capturing opportunity go is by setting offline forms.It provides a clear message that the sales team will be soon available to respond to the queries.Offline forms can be an alternative contact option for visitors to reach out in case of urgency.


Generate Sales

Studies have shown that live chat helps to increase sales – and B2B lead generation companies are reaping the benefits. In fact, live chat can drive 3x to 5x more conversions and deliver better ROI. This significant data proves one thing: live chat is effective in generating leads and making sales. Live chat also provides visitors with instant access to your support or sales team and vice versa. Moreover, your sales team has a lot of opportunities to turn these visitors into paying customers.


Live Chat Is Fast

Another great feature of live chat is its prompt response time. For B2B lead generation companies, responding fast is one of the ultimate factors of superior customer service and lead generation strategy. The faster your customer service, the more repeat customers you will earn and the more sales you will generate. Live chat lets visitors get in touch with the sales teams and get direct solutions that help in making quick sales decisions. It can also engage your visitors and customers by solving their issues or proactively communicating with them, which shortens response time to customer queries.


Stand Out from Your Competitors

Given the ongoing demand for live chat, and its reputation for efficient customer engagement, only 14% of all company websites have chat functionality in place. It simply means the vast majority of all B2B industry – including your competitors – either underestimate live chat or don’t know about it at all. This gives B2B companies an opportunity to stand out from their competitors by maximizing the power of live chat as an effective B2B lead generation strategy. In today’s world, where customer attention comes at its finest, live chat provides a significant opportunity for your business to stand out.


Determine Customer Pain Points

Information gathering is yet another essential benefit of live chat as a B2B lead generation strategy. Live chat data can help pinpoint recurring issues with your customer service, leading the way for effective solutions. Determining these pain points is much more challenging to discover with other communication channels. Live chat opens the door for improving your customer services in the future.


Develop Better Website Experience

For B2B lead generation companies, live chat is the only channel that is both on-site and real-time. This makes it seamless for fostering your website leads at any stage of the customer’s journey. From welcoming your visitors to answering last-minute questions before purchase, live chat is there to guide and assist visitors on your website.


These are just some of the many great benefits of using live chat as a B2B lead generation strategy. If you have a moderate to high volume of website visitors, installing live chat onto your website could be a no-brainier. It’s essential to step it up and invest in live chats so you can improve your lead generation strategies and achieve business success.


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