Two Things about Telemarketing Services we bet you didn’t notice!

Today, B2B lead gen partners adopt an overarching strategy that includes multi-touch campaigns to reach the right target audience and establish meaningful relationships with them. They adopt email marketing, content syndication, and telemarketing to reach prospective buyers. Email marketing is a great tool; it can produce high-quality leads for your business when used correctly. Similarly, content syndication can help your business reach far and wide by leveraging authoritative, relevant sites. But telemarketing services can give you a competitive edge. It can positively impact your lead generation process in more than one way. You may have overlooked how telemarketing with other lead generation tools can make a remarkable difference in your lead generation process.


Revolutionizing your lead generation process with Telemarketing 

Here are two things you need to know about why telemarketing services can be a game changer in your lead generation process. Moreover, partnering with the right vendor and investing in telemarketing can help you yield the desired results. 

The human touch leaves a lasting impression: Email marketing conveys your intended message to the recipients and engages them via engaging content. Content syndication helps you build brand awareness, but are you missing something here? Is there something more you need to connect and follow up on the leads to convince them to do business with you? The missing piece of puzzle here is the human touch – the conversation between one human and another that lays the foundation of a long-lasting relationship with the business. Unlike other lead generation methods, telemarketing campaigns allow for direct, personal interaction with prospects. This personal touch with voice calls leads to a deeper understanding of their needs and becomes a more effective sales pitch. It’s a simple conversation that gradually digs deep into the prospective buyers’ mindset and enables the telemarketers to offer the best possible solution. As per a survey by RAIN Group, 71% of buyers are interested in hearing from sales representatives when they are looking for ideas to drive business outcomes!

Preference of humans over chatbots: This is an exciting trend to note. Forbes has published results from a recent survey, which says that 71% of consumers said they are less likely to use a brand if it doesn’t have a human customer representative. Moreover, 86% of consumers prefer to interact with a human agent. So, what are consumers looking for? They need a person to talk to who can resolve their queries and offer the perfect resolutions. If you are chasing personalization, nothing beats the conversation with representatives who can understand prospects’ problems. Investing in telemarketing services will enable you to meet your prospects’ requirements and increase the conversion rates. 


Final Thoughts 

The B2B marketplace is competitive, and your tele-calling initiatives can make all the difference in your lead generation process. Outsourcing telemarketing services is a cost-effective solution, eliminating the need to hire and train in-house staff. It also provides access to specialized skills and industry knowledge that may not be available internally. Telemarking works when you have trained, experienced, and culturally sensitive people who have the potential to close deals quickly and faster than any other lead-generation method. They can drive conversations toward the buying decisions because they connect with the prospects on a deeper level, understand their problems, and offer the exact solution they need.

If hiring a telemarketing company is on your mind, partnering with a vendor with core expertise in telemarketing will be the best choice. Markable Solutions, with 15 years of experience in the industry, can help you accelerate your lead generation process.