3 Secrets of Successful B2B Marketing Fueling Growth in 2024

Sssh.. The secret is out!  Spilling the beans on a successful lead generation process in 2024.

According to DemandSage, 2024, for 85% of B2B companies, lead generation is a top priority. But the B2B lead generation landscape has its own set of challenges. Today, businesses are scrambling to acquire high-quality leads, dealing with unverified databases, trying to keep up with the newest software, and jostling with limited growth, courtesy of a feeble lead generation process. So, how are some successful breeds of B2B companies marching ahead and sustaining growth by building a reliable sales pipeline? Let’s talk about the 3 secrets of B2B marketers that can enrich your sales funnel with highly qualified and market-qualified leads in 2024. 


B2B marketing success in 2024


Unveiling a successful lead generation process for 2024

Email Marketing: Companies can always rely on traditional email marketing to engage with customers. But will sending emails with your company information with a CTA that says ‘call us’ work today? No, it won’t, because hyper-personalization is the way forward if you want to persuade your prospects to come looking for you and knock on your door to ‘learn more’! You need to initiate conversations, build trust, establish deep connections, and understand the mindset before you start pitching to them. Redefine email nurturing with personalization that creates meaningful relationships with your prospects.  Lead segmentation based on firmographic and demographic data and creating content that talks to them rather than making the prospects feel that they are talked at will make all the difference. Shun the old email marketing methods and embrace a new, smarter strategy firmly supported by data.  If you have leads in your funnel, that’s great, but that’s when the real work starts with nurturing via email marketing. Lead generation is like winning half the battle, but the nurturing process will make you a clear winner. Craft successful data-led email marketing campaigns if you want to convert those leads into customers. Do we hear ‘email marketing experts’ echoing here? You know where to head to! A lead generation expert with expertise in email marketing should be on your radar.

Data-driven Engagement: Relying on data will never disappoint you, especially if you use social media to reach your prospects. Content Marketing Institute has revealed in its study that 90% of content marketers rely on social media to distribute their content. Also, do you know that today, marketing budgets are concentrated on social media to drive active engagement that makes your brand voice heard loud and clear in the overcrowded social media landscape? However, understanding customer behavior, identifying their intent, and capturing their interest with thoughtfully crafted campaigns will require data insights. Leverage data-driven social media marketing and transform your B2B lead generation process that mints highly qualified and sales-qualified leads. Do you want some help here? Leveraging data and capturing the prospective buyers’ interest can be a long haul for many of you! How about hiring a B2B lead generation agency? You can leverage its proprietary databases to find a foothold in the competitive marketplace where lead hunting can prove nothing but a maze where you end up at the same spot after putting in a lot of effort. You need not worry; Markable Solutions can give you the right direction for your efforts with its outsourced lead generation services. 

Video Marketing: Google March 2024 Updates came as a shocker, didn’t they? New trends were rolled out, and marketers were latching onto them fast. Video marketing is the new kid on the block, and you need to cater to its demands like a kid crying his heart out for candy in the store! Short video content should be your go-to-market strategy for 2024. It is being hailed as a new tool to engage audiences and capture their short attention span. Forbes has revealed that in 2024, 90% of marketers are using short video content to engage with their target audience. Video marketing has turned out to be the savior for businesses threatened by competition in the market. A staggering 97% of marketers have reported that video content has helped customers understand their products better, while 95% of them have witnessed an increase in brand awareness. Moreover, 87% of marketers say that they have reduced their website bounce rate as they were successful in engaging viewers with video marketing. Have you joined the bandwagon? A piece of advice here – hiring a B2B lead generation company can help you navigate the unpredictable buyer journey with a B2B marketing strategy that is aligned with evolving consumer behavior patterns and is result-oriented.   



Keeping pace with the hottest B2B marketing requires a lethal combination of expertise and experience to help you march ahead in competition with guns blazing into the competitive marketplace. It would be best to partner with a B2B lead generation expert who proactively adopts the latest trends and fuels your business growth with data-driven campaigns using different strategies, including social media, email marketing, and content marketing.