All You Need to Know About an Integrated Customer Support Services Strategy

Customer demands are evolving rapidly. Businesses need new technologies and better strategies to keep pace with them. Emerging technologies like AI help automate customer support and make it super-efficient, enabling business to offer better customer experiences (CX). The market is highly competitive, and companies must adapt quickly to changing trends and deliver fantastic customer experiences. A study by Statista has revealed that 27 percent of Americans have cited bad customer service as their top complaint! It can certainly ruin the chances of sales of a good product or service and shrink the profitability of the company.


A superior customer experience gives a business an edge over other businesses and helps it steer ahead in the competition. So, today companies are more focused on using an integrated customer service strategy as it helps them deliver an enhanced customer experience.


What is an integrated customer support strategy?


Integrated customer support services involve using multiple customer engagement channels to connect with the customers, enable them to engage with the business, resolve their queries at the earliest and provide high customer satisfaction at all times. The aim is to offer a seamless experience consistently across multi-customer touch points and deliver better customer experiences. Today businesses offer various channels for customer interaction, such as call centers, live chats, emails, apps, and in-store visits. They use a unified customer service approach to consistently provide an enhanced customer experience on all channels.


Companies can offer integrated customer support services using AI-enabled software and advanced CRM. They act as a centralized information system that unifies all the customer data and interactions in one place. It gives businesses complete visibility into customer engagement and quick access to the required information to serve the customers better. A company can easily track customer queries and respond to them promptly and correctly. The customers feel valued because they get instant responses and quick query resolutions. Businesses can address customers’ grievances with urgency and provide high customer satisfaction.


Earlier, when technology was not advanced, companies had no option but to adopt a siloed customer service approach and they lost opportunities to build and strengthen relationships with their customers. A gap existed between the business and the customers, preventing the company from cultivating long-term customer relationships, and it slowed down the lead generation process. There were no frequent repeat purchases. But a unified customer approach bridged this gap and brought the customers and the business on the same page.


What is the need for an integrated customer strategy?


American Express has reported that most Americans have at least once avoided a purchase due to a poor customer experience. So, businesses need to make sure that they need to prevent bad customer experiences by leveraging technology and increasing the quality of customer support. A unified customer support service can help deliver exceptional customer experiences and create a radical shift in the customer mindset about the company’s image. With improved support, customers perceive the business as customer–friendly and are willing to be associated with the brand for a long time. They feel heard and seen, and this customer loyalty lets a business thrive in a competitive marketplace.


Benefits of integrated customer support services


Customers are more aware today, and their expectations have grown considerably from brands. They expect instant gratification, a better experience, and a multi-channel engagement. They need flexibility and demand consistent, high-quality support across any channel they choose to engage with the business. Let’s discuss how an integrated customer support service strategy can help businesses.


  • Uniformity in customer services: Customers can choose any platform for connecting with a brand. They can opt for the traditional call centers or get support via live chats or visit the store. Businesses must be ready to provide them with a consistent experience and high-quality service on all platforms. With an integrated approach toward customer support services, companies can always offer better experiences to customers who appreciate the business for its proactive customer service approach. It helps build brand loyalty and expand the customer base.


  • High Customer Satisfaction: A study by Hiver revealed that 30% of customers do not give brands more than one chance or opportunity after a bad customer experience. It further says that 60% of consumers switch to an alternate brand after 2 or 3 bad experiences! Businesses can adopt an integrated customer service strategy to avoid such unwanted situations and always strive to increase customer satisfaction. They can continuously meet the rising customer expectations and retain them for a long time. They can build brand loyalty by giving uniformity across all customer channels and delivering better CX. So, whether the customer communicates via phone, live chats, or visits the store, a unified customer support strategy will help the business provide the best support across all channels.


  • Increased agent efficiency: Omnichannel experience is beneficial not only for the customer who receives high-quality support across all the engagement channels but also for the business. It helps streamline the support services and increases agent efficiency. The support system is unified at the back end with technology, so agents have quick access to the information irrespective of the communication channel chosen by the customers. They can efficiently serve the customers and respond to their queries better.


  • Cost-efficiency:An omnichannel experience helps businesses reduce costs by providing the company’s representatives information in a single place and increasing the FCR- first call resolution rate. When the FCR rate is high, it means the agents have successfully resolved the customers’ queries in the first call or interaction, and the customers need not make repeated calls to the business for the same issues or queries. It is a vital KPI- a key performance indicator that demotes the level of customer satisfaction. It reduces operational costs and helps businesses offer better customer experiences.


  • Data insights: Today, several technologies are available for delivering high-quality customer support, offering in-depth insights into customer communication. Business organizations can stay ahead of the curve and understand their customers with valuable insights. They can identify the customers’ pain points and understand their preferences. It helps them align their business strategies to meet customer expectations, create a happy customer base, and build brand loyalty.


How can Markable Solutions help? 


Markable Solutions is an industry leader with vast experience in offering high-quality in the US. We understand your unique business requirements and provide tailored-made customer support services. We have expertise in offering services in different industry verticals, such as technology, telecom, retail & commerce, finance, travel & hospitality, healthcare, and consumer products. We help deliver seamless and delightful customer experiences across different channels. We take your customer engagement to the next level with a data-driven customer service approach. We ensure that your business delivers consistent and exceptional customer service across all the touch points and maintains a strong relationship with the customers throughout the entire customer journey.

Build Brand Loyalty with Markable Solutions’ Integrated Customer Support Services.

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