B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Drive Leads and Grow Your Business

B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Drive Leads and Grow Your Business

It’s no secret that companies must have a steady pipeline of new sales leads to survive and prosper in these challenging times. For instance, B2B businesses need customized lead generation strategies to reach their target audiences at various points of their customer journey and eventually nurture them into becoming highly qualified leads. We all know that the ultimate key to generating leads through effective B2B lead generation lies in engaging prospects and customers with great digital marketing campaigns that capture their attention, increase brand awareness, and ultimately grow sales and realize profits.


According to a recent report from Statista, digital lead generation advertising spending in the U.S. will hit 3.15 billion US dollars in 2022. With this information in mind, many B2B companies are now taking a huge step in looking for numerous lead generation strategies to position themselves as industry experts that other businesses can depend on. So how do you start planning an effective B2B lead generation strategy? How to find and learn more about your prospect’s digital habits? This article will give you the answers to these questions and more as we explore some B2B lead gen strategies that drive leads and grow your business.


B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Drive Leads and Grow Your Business

Generating leads can be a bit challenging in a world full of competitive brands aspiring to be on top of their game. So, it’s essential to broaden your knowledge and look for out-of-the-box B2B lead generation strategies that drive leads and grow your business. Here are five of the best strategies suitable for your business:


    1. Utilizing Account-based Marketing


Account-based marketing is a popular B2B lead generation strategy that focuses on specific high-value prospects rather than promoting your products and services to a wider audience. According to a study from Marketo, account-based marketing requires businesses to employ B2B lead generation strategies that meld the expertise of sales and marketing to identify, engage, and close deals with high-value accounts that matter the most. To practice this approach, you need to provide the right lead generation campaigns for the right target accounts. By doing this, you will see the payoff in improved ROI, more highly qualified leads, and ultimately, more profit.


    1. Adding Testimonials & Case Studies to Your Website


Your website visitors want to know that you’ve been highly successful with your current clients before they purchase your products or services. After all, no one wants to be a guinea pig. By adding case studies and testimonials to your website, your website visitors will see that your current clients are happy with your products and services. It also helps to authenticate your business. In fact, this type of validation is known as social proof which means people will conform to the actions of others because they believe that those actions represent successful behavior.


    1. Conducting Value-based Selling


Since B2B companies are realizing that outrightly shoving deals in front of their customers doesn’t work anymore, conducting value-based selling is now getting a lot of buzz especially in the digital environment. As part of their B2B lead generation strategies, many companies are using real-time data trends to show their customers the value of their products and services rather than outrightly pitching for them to purchase their offerings. Moreover, outbound call centers are now increasingly utilizing value-based selling to ensure that they don’t lose their prospective clients.


    1. Investing in Video Conferencing


With the ongoing pandemic making in-person networking unsafe, communication channels have switched to digital platforms. In fact, the rise of video conferencing is one of the key B2B lead generation trends in today’s world. Many surveys have also shown that businesses prefer video conferencing when it comes to sales and marketing meetings and transactions. Sales and marketing teams are starting to adopt online lead generation strategies such as live chats and video conferencing options to generate leads while they provide a better customer experience in the digital landscape.


    1. Applying Influencer Marketing to Gain Traction


While using influencers to help generate leads is not new in the B2B world, the shift towards influencer marketing has been reinforced by the ongoing pandemic. Influencer marketing is a B2B lead generation strategy that involves endorsements and product placements from influencers who have purported expert levels of knowledge or social influence in their respective fields. For instance, a B2B lead generation company that provides products and services in areas where an influencer has authority will increasingly make use of that influencer to gain more leads for their business.


Lead generation is an essential tool for B2B companies to achieve business growth. As the B2B world becomes more competitive than ever, you must be vigilant to look for the right lead generation strategies that will help you drive leads and grow your business in the long run. Don’t waste your time sticking to some traditional lead gen strategies that are not producing quality leads.


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