Content Syndication Services & Benefits

Content Syndication Services

Content plays a huge role in reaching the target audience and building a solid relationship with them. Content syndication helps a business connect with a broader audience and utilize the popularity of other websites to promote their content and eventually, their business. Today businesses need to fuel their digital marketing strategies with syndicated content and use it to fast-track their lead-generation process. A study by The Marketing Insider Group found that 30% of B2B marketers cite content syndication as their best B2B lead generation strategy!

Read further to know more about content syndication and its several benefits.

What is content Syndication?

Content Syndication is the process of distributing unique, relevant and engaging SEO-optimized content to promote a business across different platforms, such as third–party websites. The motive is to make the content accessible beyond the website’s digital footprint and reach audiences with third-party websites.

Content syndication is effective, but a business needs to keep producing original content, and enrich its digital channels with unique and engaging content and publish selective content on third-party websites.

Which platforms are used for content syndication?

The most common platform for content syndication includes reputed free websites which accept blogs and articles. Such content helps the business build thought leadership and attract prospective buyers to its website. Companies can also choose cross-platform reputed sites which are not direct competitors of the company, but operate in a similar market. LinkedIn is also an excellent platform where a business can reuse content from its blogs and articles and provide value to users. Forums are also a great platform where a company can answer questions related to its products and services and simultaneously promote its business and drive more traffic to its website.


How does content syndication helps a business?


  • Brand awareness: The content distributed across different channels helps businesses create massive brand awareness beyond the reach of their own websites and digital footprint. The business can choose online magazines and reputable sites to republish the content. The content should include attractive call-to-action (CTAs) to enable the users to reach the website that publishes the content. It is advisable to integrate a share button and let the users take the content forward and get a good opportunity to make it popular across different platforms.


  • Broader reach: Content syndication services include republishing the existing content initially published on the company’s official sites and digital platforms. The distribution process helps the business utilize the digital reach of third-party websites. It helps the company expand its customer reach and connect with many customers, which would have otherwise not been easily possible. Distributed content reaches a large audience which may be loyal customers of one business, and they can get acquainted with other businesses through the content published on them.


  • Increased Lead Generation: Syndication services help an organization in lead generation. One may ask how? Content is a powerful medium to convey the message to the target audience and let them know about your business, product and services, mission, vision, and values. Content lets your business communicate with your prospects and introduce your business to them. With syndicated content, a company can generate high-quality leads by posting the content on relevant sites. This way, they can attract users who might not be familiar with them at all or have not visited their website not even once. But with syndicated content, the business can reach out to an audience it might not know that it even existed!


  • Complements SEO activities: Content syndication activities improve the SEO activities. The digital marketing team publishes content on reputed websites and integrates backlinks to the company’s website. The website traffic increases as more and more visitors from third-party websites land on the website. It gives a tremendous boost to SEO activities as it increases organic traffic and improves the website’s ranking.


  • Thought Leadership: Syndication services help a business create thought leadership with research-backed articles, blogs, and case studies. Several sites accept such content that enables the business to showcase their expertise to the readers. Continuous publishing of content that provides value to the readers helps the company develop authority and build a good reputation in the market. It helps to improve brand image and create massive brand awareness.


  • Cost-effective: Content syndication services make marketing activities cost-effective. Companies can invest in content marketing and leverage content to reach potential customers. Based on their requirements, they can intensify the content marketing activities and distribute content on more third-party sites to increase web traffic.


How to make the content syndication strategy more effective?


Content Syndication wields huge power and can prove to be a highly effective lead-generation strategy. But, here’s a word of caution. Simply distributing the content on different channels will not yield the desired results. Research-backed strategy is required to attract the target audience and increase web traffic. Read further, to know how syndication services can be leveraged to connect with the target audience.


  • The right platforms: It’s critical to select the right platforms to distribute the content to fulfill the purpose of content syndication. It’s important to research and choose third-party websites that can help the business elevate its reach to the target audience. Authority websites are the best platforms because they are trusted by a large number of users.


  • Research: A business needs to identify its target audience and research the demographics, age group, gender, preferences, and other factors to understand them and further find websites that have a high probability of resonating with them. The network/ websites chosen for content syndication must match the business’s target audience and product niche. It will attract the target audience looking for similar products and services, and the business can influence them with the content republished on the site they are visiting.


  • Content Customization:Customized content is the key to attracting the right target audience to the business. As the content is distributed across different websites, it needs to be customized to have the maximum effect on the website users. The crux of the content and the message conveyed is the same, but the business needs to adapt to the website and its audience to find takers among them with customized content. Often the title, keywords, and Meta description need to be optimized to discover and attract audiences that might be looking for the products and services you sell.


Every business wants to acquire more and more leads to maximize profitability. Syndicated content attracts potential leads with valuable content. Content distributed across various channels establish credibility and attract the audience. The strategy also helps in building thought leadership, improving SEO efforts, and proves to be cost-effective in generating high-quality leads. It would be best to rely on experts for syndication services.

Markable Solutions is leading B2B marketing companies in the U.S., assisting a large number of businesses connect with their customers with content syndication and various B2B marketing strategies. We help you leverage the power of content marketing and syndication services across effective and relevant channels.

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