Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

In this ever-growing digital world, people are now more preoccupied with technology. Customer expectations have also shifted and almost everyone has access to and frequently uses the Internet. For instance, when a person is interested in a business, he/she immediately looks for a website or social media profile where he/she can search for more information. If that person cannot find any evidence of the company online, chances are that he/she will try another company that has a social presence. That is why every business – small or large – needs an online marketing strategy to thrive today.

However, most small business owners don’t have one. In fact, a recent study from Clutch stated that 47% of small businesses spend less than $10,000 on digital marketing. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect regular business operations, there is no denying that small businesses need to step up their game in terms of their online presence. And this is where digital marketing strategies enter.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is a vital aspect of a company’s overall marketing strategy.  While small business marketing may include many offline local advertising methods, it still needs to add a healthy portion of digital marketing strategies to be successful and maximize sales in today’s economy. A small business that is doing its business online needs to grasp a digital marketing strategy that helps prospective customers see it. The following are five primary strategies of digital marketing that are perfect for small businesses.

1. Content Marketing

This strategy circles around giving prospects ideas and critical information about your products or services. Everyone is trying to sell, but only those that can inform are more likely to get sales. People will attribute a certain level of expertise to a company, and this infuses confidence in the consumer. In the past, content marketing was often done with printed brochures, flyers, and guidebooks. Today, content marketing can be done with blogs, infographics, and other forms of information on a small business’s website.

2. Email Marketing

This digital marketing strategy is very crucial to a small business online or offline. Basically, email marketing is about structuring a list of prospects and regular customers. The list of names are people who are interested in your small business, and you know this to be true because they have opted into this list themselves. As the list grows, it becomes more valuable. Many marketing specialists consider this to be the most important small business marketing strategy in the long run.

3. Local Search Marketing

Location-based marketing contains website optimization for search results but also incorporates a search engine’s function of maps. This is especially possible with Google, where your business can be listed with mapping and address information, giving the prospective customers what they need to visit your place. Your phone number and website address can also be included. Keep in mind that your customer service team needs to be available to guide prospects if they are interested in your products or services.

4. Search Engine Marketing

This digital marketing strategy is very critical for a small business. It gives you the opportunity to compete with larger companies by being visible in search engines. While many people use search engines to find products both online and locally, it is beneficial that your company place high in search results for words that relate to what you are selling or promoting. There are some professional Internet marketing firms that offer this service under the name of search engine optimization. They can make sure your website is visible to those looking for your product when using a search engine.

5. Social Media Marketing

This digital marketing strategy can be challenging. Although everyone talks about social media, it can be difficult for companies to integrate social media with their business. In social media marketing, you need to consider various factors such as identifying the type of media to use, determining your target audience, and allocating the ideas from your different social media accounts. Other businesses have seen success using social media by letting customers know of the latest products and services they are offering. The most important aspect of social media is to use it to reinforce your customer base to achieve repeat sales.

If you have a small business, you need to take the five digital marketing strategies discussed above into consideration. Frame a plan and combine it with your other marketing efforts. Some of these digital marketing will be more essential and effective, depending upon the type of your small business. The good thing is that all of them can be outsource if you don’t have the manpower to handle all of these strategies at the same time.

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