Five Ways to Generate More Sales Leads for Your Business

Many successful companies depend on growing their customer base to generate profits in today’s competitive world. One practical way to accomplish this goal is to make sure that they receive a regular stream of sales leads. For B2B sales and marketing teams, one of their most important tasks is to be able to generate high-quality leads that will convert into clients. Unfortunately, 85% of marketers in various B2B sales lead generation companies to consider lead generation their #1 challenge. Finding a high number of quality sales leads is also critical to your business success.

The Importance of Sales Leads

A sales lead is a person or business that could potentially purchase your company’s products or services. It becomes a prospect once you’ve determined their level of interest and fit as a customer for your company. You can utilize various strategies to identify sales leads such as advertising and marketing, cold calling, social media, referrals, outreach and networking, consultations, and product/service trials. Moreover, outsourcing B2B sales lead generation services can help your brand create a steady stream of inbound sales leads.

Five Ways to Generate More Sales Leads for Your Business

If you’re looking for practical ways to generate sales leads, you’re in the right place. Listed below are five effective ways to generate more sales for your business:

  1. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads become one of the best ways to drive leads in the post-pandemic world. If your company is willing to pay for Facebook ads, you can have access to specific targeting options such as age, location, interests, and more. To make your ads more successful, use the following best practices for creating your first Facebook ad:

  • Use eye-catching, bright colors, rather than blues or whites. According to James Schererof Wishpond, the latter tends to blend in with Facebook’s branding.
  • Make sure that the Facebook Ad you promote consists of only 1-2 sentences so it’s not too wordy. Longer captions tend to look boring and uninteresting to people.
  • Choose the right target audience, date of promotion, and duration of the Facebook Ad campaign based on your budget.

  1. Offer Discounts and Coupons

Many companies are also using discounts and coupons to drive sales leads. Distribution plays an important role when crafting the best discounts and coupons for your lead gen strategies. After all, you can’t expect customers to find these discounts and deals themselves.  Share with current and future customers through all your online platforms such as social media and email. If possible, create a banner ad or pop-up for your website to entice potential customers. If direct mailing is part of your lead generation budget, utilize this as a way to distribute discounts and coupons as well.

  1. Create An Email Sequence

An email sequence is a series of emails that are automatically sent to groups of people on a mailing list. The goal is to use email marketing to build recipients’ interest in your company’s products or services. For B2B sales lead generation companies, there are two primary types of email sequences:

  • Trigger-based sequences – send emails based on the person performing a certain action, such as browsing a page on your site, buying a product, subscribing to your email list, or leaving something unpurchased in a shopping cart.
  • Time-based sequences – send emails at specific times, such as two weeks after making a purchase, or immediately after opting in to receive a newsletter or an anniversary date.

  1. Host a Webinar

Webinars and online workshops allow brands to go into greater depth in sharing their knowledge with prospects. For instance, you could teach people how to create a marketing campaign in a number of steps, and use video and images to illustrate each step along the way. Each person who signs up for the webinar or workshop is a legitimate sales lead. Sharing your knowledge with people in this format establishes you as a leader in your field, builds trust, and increases your ability to attract leads.

  1. Connect With Live Chat Users

Brands can create a personalized chat bot for your website that matches your corporate brand’s look and feel. When someone visits your website, chat bots can appear on their screen with a welcome message. A chat bot can do a lot more than say “hello.” It can become a valuable addition to your sales and marketing team. A chat bot can ask questions and provide responses that address the needs of the sales leads. Chat bots can also utilize for the following tasks:

  • Answer commonly asked questions
  • Book appointments and meetings
  • Connect visitors to the right contact
  • Qualify sales leads

Every business needs to drive sales leads. Using these five proven strategies, brands can drive sales leads, even with a small budget. Consider which ideas are best for your potential customers and start testing.

Are you looking for practical ways to generate sales leads? We’ve got you covered. Markable Solutions provides the best B2B sales lead generation services suitable for your business needs. Call us now!

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