Guide to Marketing Automation Services

Marketing automation enhances the marketing process with various advanced features and facilitates multi-channel customer engagement. It enables businesses to benefit from AI-enabled tools and that help increase sales. Companies can improve the efficacy of their multiple campaigns, attract high-quality leads and get more conversions. Lenskold reveals that 78% of successful marketers say marketing automation is the most important factor for improving revenue.


What is marketing automation?


Marketing automation replaces manual, repetitive, and yet essential marketing tasks to increase efficiency and yield desired results. It speeds up the lead generation process by empowering the sales and marketing departments with various advanced tools that help increase sales. Businesses can run multiple marketing campaigns with a laser-targeted approach across different channels. It allows companies to streamline the lead scoring and nurturing process, which lets them focus on high-quality leads and get more sales. Companies can rely on automation to connect with many prospects simultaneously with automated and personalized engagement. They can manage databases and leads better, resulting in more conversions.


How does marketing automation work?


Marketing automation lets businesses laser-target their prospects and customers with unique, personalized, and engaging content. It helps to create the desired impact on prospective buyers and existing customers to get more sales. Email Monday has revealed that about 51% of companies use marketing automation, and more than half of B2B companies (58%) plan to adopt the technology! The high adoption rate of marketing automation software proves that businesses benefit from automation and improve their marketing efforts’ outcomes.


There are various activities businesses can efficiently do with marketing automation software. Companies can use marketing automation software to automate outbound campaigns and send automated messages via emails, social media, and paid ads. Companies can customize the software and create workflows to align with the customers’ expectations and make their campaigns successful.


  • Schedule emails, create marketing campaigns, and manage leads from a single, easy-to-use interface.
  • Access deep insights into customer behavior and integrate CRMs to understand customers’ mindsets better, streamline customer segmentation, find the right prospects, and connect with them.
  • Personalized engagement with customized email and social media messages and attract leads with engaging and unique content.
  • Effortless A/ B testing of email marketing to understand the impact and user behavior.
  • Measure results with KPIs such as email open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and more.
  • Evaluates the success of the marketing campaigns, providing insights into the business. The feedback helps the company optimize its future campaigns and get more conversions.


Benefits of marketing automation


Eliminating human errors: The software automates and streamlines the customer engagement process and introduces standardization in marketing and sales, providing high customer satisfaction. The software ensures accuracy in customer engagement by eliminating human errors that can ruin the customer experience. Automated messages via various platforms, such as email marketing, social media, and paid ads, enable the business to adopt a standardized approach toward customer engagement.


Personalization: The software solution helps businesses create a personalized marketing strategy and engage customers efficiently on social media, websites, apps, paid ads, and email marketing. It lets the company identify its target customers and engage them with customized messages to attract their attention. It saves financial resources and time as they can focus on ready-to-buy leads to get more conversions. The sales teams can nurture the leads based on the action taken by them and engage them accordingly. For instance, if users have downloaded a white paper on B2B lead generation, the sales team can send them invites for a webinar on lead generation. They can expect them to register for the webinar and engage them to convert them into customers.


Better Efficiency: Putting the marketing activities on autopilot mode helps reduce operational costs and saves the marketing team’s time, enabling it to focus on solving complex customer challenges. The sales and marketing team can rely on the software to automate the customer engagement process and increase revenue. The software helps streamline lead generation, customer acquisition, and retention processes, reduces operational costs, and improves workforce productivity. It enables the business to get a high ROI from its marketing operations. The software streamlines marketing and customer engagement without any manual intervention.


Increase in sales: The software provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions and helps them engage the customers better. It collects data on user behavior and provides information via website visits, email marketing, social media, and app usage. It enables the business to nurture the leads better and engage customers successfully. So a company can adopt a laser-targeted approach to get more conversions with the software. The sales team can nurture the prospect’s experience with the brand and bring them to the buying stage faster in the customer journey.


Unify sales and marketing efforts: The sales and the marketing team can align their actions and collectively achieve their goal of more conversions and better deals with data insights and automated customer engagement processes. It enables the business to get a high ROI from its campaigns and increase revenue.


Better Conversion rates: Businesses can easily score leads on various parameters to gauge their effectiveness and determine whether they can be pursued for nurturing. The marketing automation software helps improve their marketing efforts by targeting high-quality leads. So, the software plays a crucial role in getting more conversions and boosting profitability.


How can Markable Solutions help?


Markable Solutions is a leading B2B marketing and B2B lead Generation Company helping businesses automate their marketing campaigns and improve ROI. We adopt a strategic approach toward marketing automation.


Assessment: We evaluate your lead generation process and define the lead scoring and nurturing parameters. We choose the most appropriate marketing automation software to solve your problems with marketing and customer engagement. We help you meet your unique requirements and find prospective buyers and engage them to convert them into customers.


Implementation:  Many companies need support for software integration to use the software correctly and explore all its capabilities. We identify the right CRM software and help you integrate it with marketing automation software. We also assist with developing the lead scoring and nurturing strategy, provide database validation services, and enable companies to get more conversions and ensure higher success with the software.


Campaign Management: We understand that managing campaigns efficiently is vital to generating market and sales-qualified leads. If you are looking for the same, you can rely on us as we help you design nurturing campaigns for different databases. We offer lead management and verification services to help you get a high ROI from your marketing campaigns. We also assist you with measuring the success of your marketing campaigns and optimizing them to get more lead conversions. We enable you to benefit from reporting capabilities in the software and analyze the results that help improve the performance of the marketing campaigns and increase profitability.


You can rely on our expert team to automate your marketing activities, increase efficiency, access a large number of market and sales-qualified leads, and increase sales.


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