Is Email Marketing dead? Are you sure?

Email marketing never died, it’s alive and ticking. A piece of advice here – don’t kill it! Those who say that email marketing does not work anymore are either unaware of the changing trends or ill-equipped to leverage it to connect with prospective buyers. Times may change, but you as business owners need to understand that business-to-business email marketing is a powerful medium that helps to engage prospects and convert leads into customers. You might invest in multi-touch campaigns, but the good old nurturing via email will strike gold with high-quality leads in your sales funnel. 


Fun facts about Email Marketing: 

A survey by Statistica, says that the email marketing revenue is expected to reach $ 17.9 billion worldwide by 2027! Another interesting insight we stumbled upon is that 99% of email users check their inboxes every day. (Source: HubSpot).  

But how do you recognize the full potential of email marketing (and prove that naysayers are wrong!)? Let’s understand how you can generate top-of-funnel leads and move them toward the bottom of the funnel and why you should consider email marketing services offered by experts. 


Recognizing the Full Potential of Email Marketing


Understand your buyers: Nurturing with email will work when you have a deep understanding of what your prospects want. You need to establish meaningful connections and gradually persuade them to explore your business. Continuous email engagement keeps the leads and customers’ interest intact and helps strengthen the relationship with the business.  Understand the buyer journey, and roll out content they can resonate with and see the magic happening. 

Relevance, right timing, and attractive emailers will nudge your prospects to get a sneak peek into your brand. With this there is a high probability they will allow you to nurture them and proceed towards further success. 

Remember, personalization will be key to your success.

Create content that builds a connection:  Integrate content that delivers value to your subscribers or prospects. Your emails must include links to blogs, landing pages, website pages, and other content assets that will pique their curiosity to know more.  Your content creation strategy should be conversational, address their pain points, and offer solutions that ease their pain. So what would be the next course of action for them? They’ll come to you seeking more of the therapy to heal completely! So give your prospects the information they need. They might want case studies, media kits, research papers, or webinar recordings to understand your business better. Toss everything out of your content asset wardrobe, find and present them the valuable content that will eventually lead them to you to ‘know more’. 

Invest in Data (it doesn’t disappoint!): Your email marketing campaigns should be backed by data to understand where your prospective buyers are coming from. That will give you the direction to create relevant email marketing campaigns that will bring results for you! You can analyze customer behavior- how many people opened your emails, engagement rate, bounce rate, spam score (a high spam score is universally disliked!), and data insights that can help you improve these metrics. Data is your compass that can lead you to the right prospects and let you engage them in the best possible manner to get more deals closed. 

Instead of wandering in the B2B landscape, reach out to your target audience with data-driven engagement, and you’ll find your oasis of highly qualified leads. It our promise, not a mirage! Seek help from professional email marketers who integrate data-driven strategies to get the best results with email marketing services

Build an overarching lead generation strategy: Email campaigns are great, but they won’t work in isolation. They need to be supported by social media marketing, SEO, paid marketing, and tele-calling campaigns to build a strong and sustainable pipeline of market-qualified leads. Make your sales team more efficient by handing over leads that will actually convert! Imagine your sales team grinning from ear to ear, when they close more deals, without battling a large number of unqualified leads!


Email Marketing Statistics 2024




From the above discussion we can conclude that email marketing is one of the most reliable and effective methods to build and nurture relationships with customers and generate highly qualified leads. Engaging content powered by actionable data is the beating heart of an email marketing campaign. A B2B lead generation expert can help you infuse life into your email marketing campaigns with email marketing services.  

We at Markable Solutions understand the power email marketing wields and how it can influence a prospect’s buying decisions. Our dedicated team of lead-generation experts will help you curate compelling and customized email campaigns and strategically implement them to generate high-quality leads for your business.