Top Benefits of Email Marketing

Email Marketing helps to engage prospects and convert leads into customers. It’s a popular form of digital marketing that enables businesses promote products and services to their target audience. It helps in lead generation, creates brand awareness, and increases sales. According to Statista 2021, email marketing’s revenue is estimated to reach approximately 11 billion by the end of 2023! Continuous email engagement keeps the leads and customers’ interest intact and helps strengthen the relationship with the business.


Digital marketers consider email marketing as one of the most effective methods in digital marketing to find prospects and increase sales. According to Content Marketing Institute, 2020, 81% of B2B marketers say email newsletters are the most used form of content marketing.


Top 8 Benefits of Email Marketing:


Personalized connections: A business can connect personally with customized messages to a recipient. Various personalized elements, such as location, product/service, or prior product experience, can be used as a reference to elicit a response from the recipient. Addressing people with their names helps leads immediately strike a chord with a brand. It enables the business to create a personalized customer relationship, engage the customers and create long-term business relationships.


Increase website traffic: Companies invest in SEO – Search Engine Optimization to increase website traffic and connect with their target audience. Email marketing is a reliable method to increase website traffic. Businesses can provide value to the leads with engaging and unique email content. They can include links to blogs and web pages and pique their curiosity to know more. They can create landing pages and include links for them. The emails bring interested leads to the website, where they can obtain more information about the products and services. They can fill out the contact forms or call to inquire about the services or get a quote. So emails can help the business drive traffic to their website and eventually get more sales.


Boost Sales: Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of lead generation that helps convert leads into customers. Marketing emails can trigger responses from prospects. A survey by SalesCycle 2022 has revealed that 50% of people buy from marketing emails at least once per month. Businesses can quickly inform customers about new products and services, current offers, and discounts on existing products. If they express interest by replying to emails, calling, or submitting forms, the business can nurture the leads and get more conversions.


Campaign management: Businesses can efficiently manage their marketing campaigns with email marketing. They can reach out to a large number of prospects by using emails which is a cost-effective method to market products compared to traditional advertising in newspapers, magazines, and outdoor advertising. Emailers need compelling content and attractive and relevant graphics to convey the desired messages. Companies can quickly create marketing campaigns and reach prospects without incurring a considerable expenditure.


Lead generation: Email marketing is another a reliable method of generating leads. Companies looking forward to developing high-quality B2C leads or speeding up their B2B Lead generation process can rely on email marketing. Companies can create email campaigns that provide information about their products and services with a CTA (Call-to-Action). The CTA will urge them to download a White Paper or a lead magnet and ask them to get a free quote. Such emails help the leads to know more about the goods and services offered by the company. The business can nurture the leads who download the content and persuade them to buy.


Build Thought Leadership: Emails effectively build thought leadership and present the business as a reliable provider of particular services or products. In the email, companies can provide links to White Papers, case studies, research, and academic papers. Informative and educative content will bridge the gap between a company and its prospects and maintain a constant connection with them. Such content helps businesses demonstrate their knowledge and present themselves as experts. The content puts the business on a pedestal and lets it develop authority in a particular niche. It helps the business to be viewed as a leader in the specific domain, which attracts more and more customers.


Announce new products: Email marketing is a cost-effective method to announce the arrival of new products and services. Companies can make outbound calls and send follow-up messages and emails to remind prospects of new launches. They can effectively use emails and include links to landing pages. This way, they can bring customers to the website who might book a call/demo. Businesses should generate a prospect list containing market-qualified leads to get the most out of their email marketing efforts. Prospect list development services will help to focus on prospects that have a higher probability of becoming customers. A B2B marketing company will help you by providing prospect database development services. They’ll research, develop and validate databases and verify leads via phone. Businesses can get a verified contacts list and ensure high conversion rates with their email campaign.


Keep the audience engaged: It’s rightly said – Out of sight, out of mind. A business must stay connected with the customers to build a high recall value. Companies can inform the customers of the latest happenings in the company, sharing information about the key decision makers of the business, the latest industry trends, and how the business is keeping pace with new developments. Such information keeps the customers interested in the business and helps build brand loyalty. Emails are an effective way to create brand awareness as they help the brand build recall value.



From the above discussion on Email marketing, we can conclude that email marketing is one of the most reliable and effective methods to increase sales, build relationships with customers and create thought leadership. Emails also help in B2C and B2B lead generation and help businesses maximize revenue. We at Markable solutions understand the power of email marketing and how it can influence customers’ buying decisions. Our dedicated team of digital marketers can help you in B2B Lead Generation and email marketing. They will leverage email marketing and help you reach out to your prospects.


Find your customers and persuade them to make a buying decision with the help of experts. Rely on well-crafted emails and adopt effective strategies to convert your leads into customers.

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