Outsourced Contact Center – 2017 ROI

Outsourced Contact Center – 2017 ROI

According to Forbes Magazinecompanies waste as much as 71% of potential leads. One of several main reasons for the failure: companies don’t respond fast enough – with one report finding an average return call of 46 hours and 53 minutes to a customer takes. In addition, the sales person that makes that call only attempts 1.3 times before moving on. With an outsourced contact center, start 2017 by delegating lead follow-up tasks to your team of operators. Free up your sales people to focus on leads that are most likely to convert to customers. Or simply open a new sales channel, by allowing an outsourced contact center – whose employees have extensive experience in lead conversion – to handle your lead contacts for you.

Outsourced contact centers provide unheard of benefits to the right businesses. How many of your employees actually have uninterrupted time answering phone calls that lead nowhere? Create an environment where your employees focus on important business functions without constant interruptions from ringing phones. In addition to freeing up time, here’s something you might not know about a BPO outsourced contact center: the dramatic, data-driven ability to increase sales and provide you with a significant return on your investment.

Outsourced Contact Center Employee Costs

Business process outsourcing (or “BPO,” often used synonymously with outsourced contact center) could eliminate the need to hire additional staff members, saving you money on salary and benefits. If you are operating a small business, you may not be in a financial position to add new staff and pay them a competitive wage. By choosing an outsourced contact center to handle routine receptionist duties, you can get a full-time employee for much less than it would cost to pay the salary and benefits of an additional staff member. For this reason alone, the ROI on an outsourced contact center should be a no-brainer.

Human Voice – or Button-Pushing Exercises?

An outsourced contact center allows customers to hear a human voice and not leave a voicemail when your employees are busy. According to research by the Harvard Business Review, the number of people using voice mail dropped by eight percent in 2012, and people who actually retrieve voice mail dropped by 14 percent. In fact, many customers say that when they reach a company voice mail, they simply hang up and call another company, rarely ever leaving a message. Customers want human interaction and an outsourced contact center provides that interaction. The customer hears a friendly voice who answers the phone using your company name. It provides the human touch that customers want, making them feel as if their call is important to your business. Therefore, a U.S. based outsourced contact center can lead to more sales and a better bottom line, further indicating the ROI on BPO.

Retain Customer Mindshare During Down Periods

Every industry has peaks and valleys in their sales. Retail stores often see very high sales volumes around the holidays while a tourist destination may see higher sales in the summer or winter months. During times when sales are slow, an outsourced contact center can be used to reach out to inactive leads or customers who have not purchased in some time. Rarely does a small business have the staff to handle this type of sales call, even during slow periods, as there are other duties necessary to keep the business operating. An outsourced contact center can provide this service for you at a relatively low cost.

Customer Satisfaction Produces ROI

An outsourced call center provides significant ROI in determining or discovering new points of customer satisfaction. A call center can be used for follow-up calls to customers who have recently purchased from you, or to conduct market research for your next product or service. An outsourced contact center identifies specific problems that customers may have encountered, allowing you to adjust your practices so those problems are addressed.

Use Press to Reconnect with Prospects

Along with customer satisfaction, an outsourced contact center can do double duty as a “press release” vehicle, in numerous ways: announce new products or services; announce a new releases or versions for current products; or create buzz for an upcoming new product launch. In addition, call centers can “turn prospects into customers” by contacting engaged prospects who didn’t convert the first time. Renewing a customer’s interest, providing information about promotions, and cross-selling are just a few ways press can help you reconnect. Email or web space suffices for some companies, but why not go the extra mile if ROI is the reward? The fresh message can prove fruitful – especially if packaged as “getting a head start on 2017.” Most of us have been cross-sold … you call your internet provider for spotty reception, and end up with a lightening speed new router for no additional cost. Brand awareness and reputation are priceless, so successful companies do anything they can to maximize personal engagement – leading to sales opportunities.

Customer Retention – Outsourced Contact Center ROI Gold

Even the most conscientious company in the world makes mistakes. When a problem occurs, how the company handles those errors can be the difference between losing a valued customer or retaining them. What many businesses don’t know is that call centers often have teams that are specially trained to work with disgruntled customers. They give personalized attention to customers who have filed complaints, or worse, posted dissatisfaction on social media to spread with their networks. Your team doesn’t have the time to provide that kind of attention to every complaint; an outsourced contact center saves you time, but more importantly, resolves problems in a mutually beneficial way. The upside: you retain customers even when mistakes happen. Better yet, turn unhappy customers into brand advocates. Good word spreads fast when companies pay attention to customers. Let the contact center handle that, while you concentrate on business growth.

Native Language Improves Customer Satisfaction

For many years, call centers were located in distant lands, such as India and the Philippines. Customers expressed displeasure when they called a customer service line and were required to speak to someone for whom English was a second language. The language barrier often led to misunderstandings and a customer who was even angrier than when they initially called. For this reason, many companies are moving their customer service back to the United States – some of them re-establishing unequivocal positive results from bringing their offshore operations into U.S. based outsourced contact centers. In Michigan alone, at least six call centers opened in only 13 months, and that number is still growing. This produces a new standard for call centers where customers speak to someone whose native language is English and has provided significant ROI for companies who are seeing how United States-based outsourced contact centers create happier customers.

Outsourced Contact Centers in the U.S.

Whether your company is large or small, an outsourced contact center offers an excellent ROI as it creates more customer satisfaction and can actually help you turn leads into conversions. In addition, outsourced contact centers can assist you with customers who may have experienced problems and even help you learn what customers want from your company. A U.S.-based call center offers you optimized scripts, no time or language barriers and an immediate feedback loop. Do the research and the math and decide if you need to learn more about a U.S. based outsourced contact center might boost your ROI.

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