The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to the Lead Nurturing Process in 2023

Lead Nurturing Process in 2023

What is Lead Nurturing?


Lead Nurturing is a step-by-step process that builds and strengthens relationships by engaging content with prospects and eventually persuading them to buy from the business. The business provides the prospects with appropriate information based on the stage in their customer journey and attracts them to associate with the brand. The engagement helps the prospects to get valuable information about the company, the product or service they have implied interest in, and eventually make a buying decision. Communication with the prospects helps build a relationship with them, inform and educate them about the company and its offerings and help them make an informed decision to do business with the brand.


What is the lead Nurturing process?


Businesses need to create brand awareness, stir interest among the prospects, help them decide, and eventually persuade them to buy from the company. The lead nurturing process involves establishing relationships with leads, nurturing them, and guiding them through the sales funnel, from the awareness stage to the buying stage. Providing the leads with relevant content that fulfills their requirement at every step of the customer journey will bring them to the last stage, i.e. becoming a customer.


The lead nurturing process includes various steps, and experienced marketers customize the strategy, as required, to obtain the desired results. Here are some strategies to cultivate strong relationships with your customers in 2023.


  • Identify your target audience: It’s important to create a buyer persona representing your ideal customers based on market research and existing customer data to identify the target audience. Companies must identify the specific characteristics that will constitute their perfect customer. They can target the leads that match the criteria, such as company, job profile, location, buying behavior, etc.


  • Lead Scoring: Yes, lead scoring and nurturing go hand-in-hand. Businesses need to score the leads, gauge their quality, and determine the possibility of them becoming customers. Scoring helps companies to know which leads they should pursue and allocate resources to convert them into paying customers. Companies define various parameters on which the leads are scored, such as demographics, gender, location, user behavior, interest, and engagement. They assign scores based on the leads that fulfill specific criteria, which helps them know about market-qualified leads or sales-qualified leads. From here, they can move to the nurturing process by creating a database of high-quality leads and verified contacts. It paves the way for a successful lead nurturing process.


  • Lead Segmentation: The next step is to categorize the leads based on the results derived from lead scoring. It refers to breaking down the leads into smaller groups based on specific characteristics. It helps the sales team to prioritize certain leads over others to fast-track the lead generation process. There are different parameters for lead segmentation, such as existing customers, customers who made a one-time purchase, repeat customers, landing page visitors, home–page visitors, visitors on specific product pages, content downloaders, low-intent and high-intent leads, etc.


  • Content segmentation: After the business has identified its target customers and scored and segmented them, it’s time to segment the content. Content is created in different forms, such as blogs, articles, white papers, case studies, research papers, infographics, newsletters, videos, and many more. Companies can create content in the form of memes and also leverage user-generated content. They can use ‘how-to-guides’ to educate the target audience and attract them with content that provides them with a solution for their problems and eventually present the business as the ultimate solution provider.



  • Match the leads with content: The business must match the segmented content to the segmented leads or groups. Businesses can target the leads based on their behavior, their engagement with the company, and engage with the specific type of content that will motivate the prospects to associate with the business. For instance, a user looking for B2B lead generation strategies can be approached with a blog on lead generation. Similarly, when the lead has become aware of your brand and your offerings, you can invite them to a webinar on lead generation or engage them with B2B lead generation podcasts. Such an approach will help you nurture the leads better and speed up the lead conversion process. This strategy will have a higher probability of eliciting a response from the leads. It enables the prospects to get content that resolves their problems and acts as their guide. Businesses can successfully engage prospects with targeted and segmented content that enables them to consider the company as their problem solver or service provider.


  • Create lead nurturing campaigns:  Companies can adopt different channels to promote their leads. They can use email marketing and personalize it with references based on user behavior and characteristics. Automation in email marketing can yield the best results to a considerable extent. Companies can initiate emails based on user behavior, like when they complete an action. For instance, if the user visits a landing page about lead scoring and nurturing, they can provide more information about the same service and emails for early bird prizes at events or webinars on lead scoring and nurturing. Businesses can also use social media marketing, paid ads, and retargeted ads to engage the lead.


  • Measure the performance of the lead nurturing campaign: It’s essential to gauge the effectiveness of the campaigns implemented and measure their performance on different parameters. For example, companies need to continuously monitor their email marketing campaigns and analyze them on various key performance indicators like open email rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, etc. and know the feasibility of their email marketing campaigns. Similarly, for paid ad campaigns, the business can analyze the conversion rates, click-through rates, and the number of impressions. In a nutshell, the company should measure how effective its lead nurturing process has been in attracting high-quality leads and converting them into customers. It needs to implement the learning and improve the process to get more customers with subsequent campaigns.



Pro Tip: If you want to build strong relationships with your prospects and ultimately convert them into customers, engaging them with customized content is the best strategy. It’s essential to pay attention to what the customer wants and meet their requirements. Engagement via personalization will help a business get the attention of the prospects, and they’ll feel more motivated to engage with the brand.




Lead nurturing is a multi-step process that requires understanding the target audience and adopting strategies that address their pain points and meet their expectations. Businesses could follow this practical approach to speed up their lead generation process and get the lead nurturing process right. However, it would be best to outsource the activity to experts to achieve the best results with cost efficiency. It would enable the business to focus on mission-critical tasks, promote growth, and benefit from the specialist’s knowledge and experience to make lead nurturing campaigns successful in a dynamic marketplace. An expert such as Markable Solutions with deep expertise in lead generation, prospect list development, database validation, and lead scoring & nurturing can provide you with a successful lead generation process.


How can Markable Solutions help?


Markable Solutions is a top B2B Lead Generation Company that offers high-quality B2B lead generation services, including lead nurturing & scoring, prospect list development, database validation, and many more. We streamline your lead generation process to help you find market-qualified and sales-qualified leads and enable you to increase sales. Our experts will help you get the basics right with lead scoring and nurturing services, find ready–to–buy leads, and help you maximize your revenue. Visit Markable Solutions for the complete list of services and know how we’re helping businesses like yours to find more buyers.

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