Top Reasons to Outsource Customer Support Services

Customer support services refer to the assistance businesses provide their customers and prospects during the different stages of the customer journey. The services enable enterprises to address customers’ issues promptly and deliver an enhanced customer experience. Customers and prospective buyers have different questions. They might need information about a product or want to know about promotional offers and discounts. They will contact the business to share their good or bad experience with a product or service or may require post-sales services such as product installation or demonstration services. The business should have an efficient customer support center that can handle customer queries and provide high customer satisfaction. A report by Bain and Company has revealed that improvements to customer service and overall customer experience can increase revenue by 4 to 8 percent!


Why should companies consider outsourcing customer support services?


One of an organization’s biggest mistakes is trying to solve each problem themselves. They try to handle all the back–office services themselves and lose focus on ensuring business growth. By handling back office services, including customer support services, they can focus on their primary goal of revenue generation. Let’s find out the top reasons that should urge companies to outsource customer support.


Top reasons to outsource customer support services


  • Cost-efficiency: Companies outsource back office services mainly to reduce costs. If companies don’t outsource customer support services, they have to bear the cost of hiring, training or setting up dedicated in-house teams to run a support center. It takes a toll on the in-house team, and the business, on the whole, can suffer. Moreover, companies will require additional personnel to manage the entire operations. On the contrary, back office companies offer customized customer service solutions at a nominal fee. These companies take full responsibility for the customer support center and handle the call center employees’ compensation and benefits. Moreover, they train their employees to serve clients with excellence. So, business organizations can outsource customer support services and get high-quality services at a nominal fee.


  • Integrated Customer support strategy: It’s essential to offer customers an integrated customer support service and a seamless experience with the brand. Companies should give the customers and the prospects the flexibility to choose any platform to engage with them. Customers can visit the store or shop online and interact via live chat, email, phone, or messages. So, a unified customer experience becomes a necessity to deliver high customer satisfaction. Back office companies offering customer support services adopt an omnichannel approach toward customer engagement. They have dedicated teams and allocate resources to deliver better customer support via various channels. It helps the company put the customers on a pedestal and meet their requirements. Giving them a unified brand experience helps the business enhance customer experience and increase customer acquisition and retention.


  • Access to expertise: Dealing with customers can be a challenging task. In the age of omnipresent social media, providing high customer satisfaction has become more critical than ever. According to McKinsey and Company, more than two-thirds of purchasing decisions are based on how customers feel they’re being treated. So, customer experience has a huge impact on a company’s sales. Today online reviews can devastate the reputation of a company. A study has revealed that 35% of customers post negative comments on social media! Dissatisfied customers can vent their frustration and anger on social media sites creating a negative image of the company.


It’s critical to pacify disgruntled customers, solve their problems and improve their next experience with the brand. To deliver enhanced customer support, companies need staff that has received training in dealing with customers. Back office companies have trained staff and offer customized solutions in customer support. The experts help companies strengthen their relationships with their customers, and they can expect long-term loyalty from them. It helps businesses increase sales and boost profitability over a period.


  • Access to Technology: The experts use cloud contact centers to address the customers’ issues and integrate emerging technologies such as AI to communicate with the customers. They rely on chatbots, prerecorded messages with artificial speech recognition software, and automated outbound calls and messages to keep customers connected with the business 24×7. The customer support service providers invest in the newest technology on a large scale, enabling companies to benefit from them and streamline their customer support.


  • Better Customer Experiences (CX):Today is the age of personalization which lets businesses elevate the customer experience and improve the quality of customer support. Automation helps to deliver an enhanced customer experience with personalization. Service providers use advanced CRM that offers integration with AI-enabled tools. It offers consolidated data on the customer journey, which allows the agents to provide an enhanced CX. It provides a business with updated information on the customer journey and offer them prompt grievance resolution. The back office companies use an integrated customer support service strategy that connects all the data across all the communication and customer support systems. Companies can provide better customer experiences irrespective of the channel the customers choose to engage with the business. It helps streamline customer engagement and attract and retain more customers.


  • Scalability: The market is highly competitive, trends keep changing, and customers’ demands keep evolving. Companies must be receptive and adaptive to the changes and streamline their customer support services. They can understand the customers’ requirements and continuously deliver high customer satisfaction. Outsourcing the activity to a back-office company will allow businesses to scale up and down their requirement and pay only for the services they use.

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