What Is the Best Way to Solve B2B Lead Generation Problems?

Difficulty in generating a high volume of leads, sales team not delivering quality leads, and don’t have a lead generation strategy – these are just some of the major lead generation problems that most companies faced in today’s competitive world. Problems are common in B2B lead generation. They can be easily fixed. The challenge is you have to pick the right solution to overcome these lead gen problems so you can see a big uplift in leads and conversions.

The good news is that companies can either outsource services to a reliable B2B Lead Generation Agency or push their efforts to build a strong in-house team. But what is the best option? Markable Solutions can help you with that.

Markable Solutions 2nd Poll Question:

What is the Best Way to Solve B2B Lead Generation Problems?

Last June 1, 2022, Markable Solutions posted this question offering two options to choose from:

  • Create a Strong In-house Team (Like Button)
  • Outsource Services to a Reliable B2B Marketing Agency (Heart Button)

The poll question was posted on two social media platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn. In order to participate in our poll question, respondents were asked to choose one option that they believe is the best way to solve B2B lead generation problems.


After two weeks of conducting the poll question, here are the results:

  • According to the results of the polls, 67% of the respondents prefer to outsource services to a reliable B2B Marketing Agency
  • The remaining 33% respondents believe that creating a strong in-house team is the best way to solve B2B Lead Generation Problems

The respondents came from different countries such as the US, UK, EMEA, and APAC. They are digital marketers, business owners, and lead generation executives from global companies. These respondents answered the poll question on Markable Solutions’ Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

As expected, the respondents picked – Outsourcing Services to a Reliable B2B Lead Generation Agency as the best way to solve B2B Lead Gen problems.

Outsourcing B2B Lead Generation Services: Markable Solutions Is Your Perfect Choice!

Outsourcing B2B Lead Generation entails a high degree of trust as companies are given the full responsibility of creating high potential leads for another organization. If done right, businesses can attain higher conversion rates, and generate sales and profits. Why choose Markable Solutions? Check out these amazing benefits:

  • Cost Efficient – In addition to lower labor costs, Markable Solutions relieves clients of overhead costs such as office space rental, recruiting costs, and other factors that can drain a business’s budget. We have years of experience in implementing effective B2B lead gen programs of various sizes and complexities and know how to keep costs under control.
  • Access to Lead Gen Experts – Outsourcing lead gen services allows businesses have access to specialists who have all the expertise and skills to engage leads and convert them at a fast rate. For growth focused companies, having a team from Markable take care of lead gen is very helpful and allows them to get an edge over their competitors.
  • Fast Results – An outsourced lead gen team can hyper-target the leads that businesses want to attract while doing all of the heavy lifting. At Markable Solutions, we can help companies create better lead generation tactics that convert to better sales and ROI.
  • Build Brand Awareness – By outsourcing B2B lead generation services, companies can put the right brand messaging to attract prospective customers and generate leads. Markable Solutions provides the right solution to help companies enhance their brand awareness.
  • Create Better Lead Gen Strategies – An effective lead gen strategy is done through several channels. A B2B lead gen agency knows exactly which platform gets the best leads by type of product or service. Markable Solutions can take on online and offline communication, networking, and excellent list building for our clients’ marketing campaigns.

Markable Solutions also offers best-of-the-breed marketing services ranging from prospect list development, digital marketing, strategic marketing, and automation services to help companies achieve their business goals. We also offer in-demand services such as content syndication, customer support, back-office support, and website development. We use resources creatively and leverage the best marketing and sales technologies to increase revenue for our clients around the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Talk to us now! We’re excited to be part of your journey to success.

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